Participant Directed Programs Policy Collaborative


The Participant-Directed Programs Policy Collaborative (PDPPC) is a joint monthly meeting for stakeholders and the Colorado Department of Health Care Policy & Financing (Department). The PDPPC is a place where stakeholders and the Department work together, with transparency, on issues relating to the Participant-Directed Programs administered by the Department. These programs include Consumer-Directed Attendant Support Services (CDASS) and In-Home Support Services (IHSS).

PDPPC Stakeholder Co-Chairs

The PDPPC voting members have elected two stakeholder co-chairs, who represent stakeholders in meeting planning and are available as a resource to all PDPPC stakeholders. They can be contacted at:

The Department has appointed John Barry as the PDPPC Department co-chair to coordinate with Curt and Kevin.  He can be reached at:

Meeting Information

Meeting Schedule

  • Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, PDPPC meetings are being held virtually until further notice. Stakeholders will be notified well in advance if and when this changes. PDPPC meetings use the Google Meet format. This includes online and phone options. Directions for accessing the audio by phone. As always, phone-only is an option for those without a computer or internet connection. Please see each monthly agenda or the Google invitation for Google Meet information (online and phone).

    The PDPPC generally meets on the 4th Wednesday of the month at 1 - 4 p.m., with occasional meetings on the 3rd Wednesday during November due to the Thanksgiving holiday and occasionally during December due to the holiday season. PDPPC meeting information can be found in the calendar on the Office of Community Living Stakeholder Engagement page.

PDPPC Communications and Meeting Invitations

  • The PDPPC communications list receives monthly meeting reminder emails (which include all meeting documents) and other updates. The Department also sends Google calendar meeting invitations by email. If you would like to be added to either of these lists, please contact John Barry at or 303-866-3173.

PDPPC Structure and Process

  • The PDPPC was created jointly by stakeholders and the Department in 2012 to be a single stakeholder meeting covering both CDASS and IHSS issues. At that time, stakeholders created a structure for the meetings in which non-Department attendees could become eligible to be voting members through meeting attendance. Voting occurs for purposes of drafting and approving written recommendations sent to the Department, stakeholders' decisions about the management of the group, approving minutes, and so on. In 2012, stakeholders decided to base voting eligibility on attendance. Stakeholder volunteers, elected by the voting members, handle attendance-taking, voting member status, and taking meeting minutes.

    If you have any questions about the PDPPC, you can contact Curt Wolff, Kevin Smith or John Barry 

2021 Meeting Schedule and Handouts

October 27, 2021

September 22, 2021


August 25, 2021

July 28, 2021

June 23, 2021

May 26, 2021

April 28, 2021 Meeting

March 24, 2021 Meeting

February 24, 2021 Meeting

January 27, 2021 Meeting

2020 Meeting Schedule and Handouts

December 16, 2020 Meeting

November 18, 2020 Meeting

October 28, 2020 Meeting

September 23, 2020 Meeting

August 26, 2020 Meeting

July 22, 2020 Meeting

June 24, 2020 Meeting

May 27, 2020 Meeting

April 22, 2020 Meeting

March 25, 2020 Meeting

February 26, 2020 Meeting


January 22, 2020 Meeting

Other Information

IHSS Subcommittee

  • The In-Home Support Services (IHSS) Subcommittee meetings are held the 2nd Tuesday of every other month (January, March, May, July, September, November). The subcommittee includes IHSS stakeholders and is tasked with planning, implementation, and policy review for IHSS.
  • To be added to the distribution list for communications about this subcommittee, please contact Erin Thatcher at

Utilization Review/Utilization Management (UR/UM) Subcommittee

  • The Utilization Review/Utilization Management (UR/UM) Subcommittee meetings are held the last Monday of every month. The subcommittee includes CDASS and IHSS stakeholders.
  • To be added to the distribution list for communications about this subcommittee, please contact Kristine Dos Santos at

PDPPC Background Check Work Group Meeting

  • The Background Check Work Group is focused on updating the CDASS background check process for clear and streamlined program requirements and improved member support. Meetings are scheduled monthly on the 3rd Thursday, 11:00 a.m. - 12:00 p.m., through all of 2021, and thereafter until further notice of the work is completed.
  • To be added to the distribution list for communications about this work group, please contact Jessica Corral at Jessica Corral at

PDPPC Resources

Communication Brief: Authorized Representative Definition for Consumer Directed Attendant Support Services - April 2017

FMS Transition Documents can be found on the Participant-Directed Programs Web Page on the Department website.

Formal Recommendations and Responses

The Participant-Directed Programs Policy Collaborative (PDPPC) prepares, votes on, and forwards formal recommendations to the Department of Health Care Policy & Financing. The PDPPC has submitted the following recommendations to the Department:

The Department has issued the following responses to PDPPC recommendations:

Stakeholder Testimony to the Joint Budget Committee (JBC) on CDASS and IHSS:

January 3, 2013:

December 9, 2014:

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        HCPF Contact: John Barry or 303-866-3173

        Financial Management Services (FMS) Organizations as of February 2021

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        Reasonable accommodations will be provided upon request. Please notify John Barry at or the 504 ADA Coordinator at at least one week prior to the meeting to make arrangements for persons with disabilities. Auxiliary aids and services for individuals with disabilities and language services for individuals whose first language is not English may be provided upon request.