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Hospital Back-Up Program (HBU)

Hospital Back-Up (HBU) is a program within Health First Colorado (Colorado's Medicaid program) that supports qualified skilled nursing facilities in providing hospital-level care to clients who are ventilator dependent, have complex wounds, or have medically complex needs, as defined in rule 10 CCR 2505-10 8.470.1.

Questions? Email hcpf_hospitalbackup@state.co.us (encrypt if sending Personal Health Information)


Nursing Facility Application Review

Nursing Facility Application Review


Nursing Facility Billing Training

Please see "Beginning Billing Workshop: Nursing Facility - PETI" in the Billing Training and Workshops section of the Provider Training Webpage on the Department website.


Nursing Facilities Pay for Performance


Nursing Facility PETI


Nursing Facility Provider Fee

The Nursing Facility Provider Fee was implemented in accordance with the provisions of Colorado House Bill 08-1114, which was signed into law by the Governor of Colorado in 2008. This law enacts a new Health First Colorado (Colorado's Medicaid Program) reimbursement system for Health First Colorado recipients who reside in nursing homes classified as Class 1 nursing facilities by statute. Class 1 nursing facilities provide for general skilled nursing care to residents who require 24-hour care. The new Health First Colorado reimbursement system is funded by a provider fee assessed to all nursing facility providers which meet state licensing requirements, with certain exceptions as defined in the law. The law assesses the fee retroactively to July 1, 2008.

Questions about the nursing facility provider fee, invoicing process, due dates, and late penalties?

  • Contact HCPF Nursing Facility Provider Fee Accountant at 303-866-3820


Nursing Facility Supplemental Behavioral Services

Applications can be submitted to:
Department of Health Care Policy & Financing
ATTN: Christine Bates
303 E. 17th Avenue
Denver, CO 80203

Or electronically to: Christine.Bates1@state.co.us
Please provide a separate email, requesting confirmation of receipt, if applications are submitted electronically.

Supplemental Behavioral Services (SBS) is an elective nursing facility service that recognizes and reimburses nursing facilities for serving individuals with moderate to severe mental illnesses, cognitive dementia, and brain injuries. Nursing facilities that wish to participate submit an application for approval to the Department. The Department evaluates the supplemental services applications submitted by participating facilities and authorizes whether the facility has met participation requirements. The Department audits the facilities on program participation and if the facility meets programmatic requirements, the facility receives a supplemental payment for each resident served by the program. On-site visits and desk reviews are conducted to evaluate and validate whether nursing facilities that applied for additional reimbursement under the SBS model have implemented and are in compliance with programmatic measures as established by a previous SBS workgroup.

The facilities must apply to participate and must meet the following program criteria:

  • Appropriate staff credentialing and experience with targeted clientele
  • Enhanced staffing model
  • Specialized training that includes behavior management, crisis intervention, mental illness, and psychotropic medication
  • Therapeutic groups must be provided based on clientele served (i.e. conflict resolution, communication skills, art therapy, stress/relaxation groups, etc.)
  • Therapeutic work programming must be offered
  • Life skills training is offered
  • Groups and training for clientele focuses on community reintegration efforts
  • MOU with the mental health providers is required


Nursing Facility Minimum Wage Supplemental Payment

Nursing Facility Minimum Wage Supplemental Payment

Legislation and Studies prior to HB 08-1114