Memo Series

To align policy guidance, operational, and informational communications, the Department of Health Care Policy & Financing has adopted the Memo Series for written communications in place of other types of communications such as Agency and Director Letters, Dear Administrator Letters, Communications Briefs, and others.

The Memo Series is designed to streamline and clarify the Department's policies and expectations of those who receive formal policy guidance from the Department and to reduce duplication of information shared to the Department's various stakeholders.

There are three types of Memos, which communicate the time sensitivity and importance of the policy and/or expectation: Policy Memo, Operational Memo, and Informational Memo. Each Memo type is described below:

  • Policy Memo - anything that changes Departmental policy because of the federal and/or state legislation, rules or regulations promulgated as a result of previous federal and/or state legislation, rules, regulations, policies, or procedures. A Policy Memo can interpret and provide further guidance to previously promulgated regulations.
  • Operational Memo - detailed instructions and/or clarifications to contracted entities and county partners to operationalize a new or existing state and/or federal law, new or existing state and/or federal rule, or Department policy.
  • Informational Memo - important information for contracted entities, county partners and external stakeholders that is strictly informational and timely.