Pre-Admission Screening and Resident Review Program

Pre-admission Screening and Resident Review (PASRR) program is a federal requirement to help ensure that individuals are not inappropriately placed in nursing homes for long-term care.

What's New

April 20, 2022

Training materials and webinar recordings now available for the PASRR Training held on March 29, 2022.


Purpose of the PASRR Program

The PASRR program requires pre-screening or reviewing of all clients who apply to or reside in a Medicaid certified nursing facility regardless of the source of payment for the nursing facility services or The individual's or resident's diagnosis. PASRR consists of two elements:

  • PASRR Level I Identification Screening: The purpose of the PASRR Level I Identification screening is to identify for further review all those clients seeking nursing facility admission, for whom it appears a diagnosis of mental illness or intellectual or developmental disability is likely.
  • PASRR Level II Evaluation: The purpose of the PASRR Level II evaluation is to evaluate and determine whether nursing facility services are needed, whether an individual has mental illness or intellectual or developmental disability and whether specialized mental health or intellectual or developmental disability services are needed. After admission to a nursing facility, Level II Evaluation is also required promptly following any significant change in the resident's condition.

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Training Materials

PASRR Quarterly Training Presentation - March 29, 2022

  • Webinar Recordings - March 29, 2022
    • Part 1 - PASRR Roles, Responsibilities & Overview
    • Part 2 - PASRR Level I Screen
    • Part 3 - PASRR Level I Screen
    • Part 4 - PASRR Level II Evaluation 
    • Part 5 - Putting it all together


PASRR Introduction Presentation - February 9, 2021

PASSR Level 1 - Part 1 Presentation - February 16, 2021

PASRR Level 1 - Part 2 Presentation - February 23, 2021


Telligen Qualitrac Registration link Login -

Request Status Change Tip Sheet - March 2021

Submit Level I Timings Instructions - July 2021
Timing for Level I Submissions Tip Sheet - July 2021
Submit Level I and Avoid RFI Instructions - July 2021
Avoiding RFI Tip Sheet - July 2021
Compliance Dates - July 2021
Compliance for Cancelled Level II Evaluation - July 2021
Understanding PASRR Specialized Services - February 2022

CO PASRR Evaluation Follow-Up Task Presentation - November 23, 2021

Notice of Determination Training - November 2020

Forms & Templates

  • PASRR Level I - Missing Documentation Request Form
  • PASRR Level II Serious Mental Illness - Missing Documentation Request Form
  • PASRR Quarterly Psych Census Template - Updated September 2021
    • The PASRR quarterly psych census report is a requirement under the Institution for Mental Disease (IMD). "Institution of more than 16 beds that is primarily engaged in providing diagnosis, treatment or care of persons with mental diseases, including medical attention, nursing care and related services" (42 C.F.R. section 435.1010 (2013)). Nursing Facilities are responsible for ensuring that they meet the assurance that their facilities are not IMD and facilities that meet the primary 50% criterion at a minimum are at serious risk of losing Medicaid dollars.

    • Send report to by the end of the month following the last month of the quarter. For example, all Q4 2021 (Oct - Dec) reports are due by January 31, 2022.

Memos & Guidance

Other Resources


Regulations Governing PASRR

Federal Regulations mandate that the Department of Health Care Policy and Financing (HCPF) must:

  • Include PASRR in Health First Colorado State Plan
  • Develop plan detailing operation of program
  • Bear final responsibility for assuring specialized services are provided for individuals with MMI and/or DD in nursing facilities
  • Establish appeals system to protect patient's rights

Colorado State PASRR Rule

10 C.C.R. 2505-10, Section 8.401.18

Federal PASRR Regulation

Title 42, Volume 3 Part 483 Subpart C Sec. 483.100 - 483.138


PASRR Technical Assistance Center

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Help Desk (starting 3-1-2021):

Submit PASRR Reviews prior to start date:

For PASRR Level II-Mental Illness, PASRR Mental Illness Disability Determinations or other PASRR inquiries related to mental illness:

For PASRR regulatory and compliance questions:

Children's Extensive Support Waiver (CES)

Nursing Facility PARs

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