Training Topics, Reference Documents, and Guides

Information for Counties and Eligibility Sites about COVID-19

The Department provides numerous policy and operations trainings, and reference materials for its eligibility sites. These materials are meant to provide eligibility site workers with consistent and accurate program information in order to correctly administer programs, and serve our members on behalf of the Department.

  • For a list of upcoming training events and eligibility training information, please visit the Staff Development Center at training.colorado.gov.
  • If you are an eligibility site that would like to request training, please email your request to soc_staffdevelopment@state.co.us

Reference Documents and Guides by Training Topic

Buy-In Programs

Certified Application Assistance Sites (CAAS)

Consolidated Return Mail Center (CRMC)

Coordination of Benefits Documents and Resources

COVID-19 Unwind

FAQs and Training

Health First Colorado (Colorado's Medicaid program) and CHP+

Income and Resource Eligibility

IRS Form 1095-B: Health Coverage

Long-Term Care

For all other LTC training documents, please visit training.colorado.gov/document-library

Medical Assistance Sites

Overflow Processing Center

Paper Applications

PEAK Resources and Trainings

  • PEAK resources and training information is now available on the PEAK Outreach Initiative's Outreach and Training site. The site hosts a variety of outreach and training resources for community partners, including:
    • Important PEAK announcements and news
    • PEAK View newsletters
    • Live webinar and training calendar
    • PEAK On-Demand recorded webinars
    • PEAK User Guides
    • PEAK support call schedule

Presumptive Eligibility

Renewal of Eligibility

Voter Registration

For information on Voter Registration, please visit the Cornerstone Learning Management System (LMS).