Consolidated Return Mail Center (CRMC)

(Updated July 2022)

The Department recognized a need to improve the processing of returned mail and launched the CRMC in December 2020. This has helped over the past year and a half improve addresses and processing of returned mail. However, there is still a need for members to let us know in advance of having a mailing returned for a bad address to be proactive in updating their addresses in advance of the end of the Public Health Emergency (PHE). This is why we are asking partners to have members update their address using PEAK or the Health First Colorado App or by directly contacting their county to ensure their contact information, including physical address, email and phone number are up to date. Below are some Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) on the CRMC.

Who is participating in the CRMC process?

All eligibility sites with returned mail from members initiated from Colorado Benefits Management System (CBMS) correspondence are using the CRMC. Eligibility sites included counties and medical assistance sites with access to CMBS.

When did this process start?

The Consolidated Return Mail Center was implemented in phases, starting with three counties (Montrose, El Paso & Prowers), which began December 2020 (Phase I). Medicaid mail from all counties was sent to the CRMC in a phased approach following the December roll out. In June 2021 (Phase II), we began sending returned mail, in another phased approach, from all program areas to CRMC. As of July 2022, all eligibility sites are using the CRMC for any CBMS generated returned mail.

Where is the CRMC located?

The Consolidated Return Mail Center is in Prowers County.

What cases are affected?

During Phase I, cases with Medical Assistance - Health First Colorado and the Child Health Plan Plus - were affected. If a case had Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program (SNAP) or HCPF Fact Sheet Page 2 of 2 Colorado Works/Temporary Assistance for Needy Families (TANF), then that case was not affected until Phase II. As of July 2022, the CRMC is processing returned mail for all assistance programs and all eligibility sites are participating.

What can members expect?

Mail center staff will contact members to change their address if their mail is returned. Before contacting a member, mail center staff will check CBMS to see if the member has already updated their address. If the member has not updated their address, mail center staff will contact members by email (if the member has shared an email address), phone call and/or via PEAK, using these methods to make three attempts to contact members over a 10-day period.

How should non eligibility site partners work with the Consolidated Returned Mail Center to update member addresses?

Eligibility sites already collaborate with the Consolidated Returned Mail Center to outreach to members who have returned correspondence. This is a reactive and time consuming process given the requirement for the CRMC to outreach to members directly. Partners who are not eligibility sites should direct the member to update their own address via self service or by contacting their county directly; this avoids the extra steps of the CRMC contacting members. Ideally if members update their addresses on the front end the volume for the CRMC will decrease over time. This will also ensure that members receive important communication about their benefits.

Members can update their information in one of these ways:

For additional questions about the CRMC please contact Monie.Mangus@state.co.us.  Counties can continue to reference OM 23-047 for returned mail processes.


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