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Crisis Services Bi-Monthly Technical Assistance Collaborative Meeting is a formal, recorded session where HCPF, the BHA and CDPHE give updates and engage with stakeholders. The first session will be Oct. 26 from 11 a.m. to 12:30 p.m. The sessions will occur every other month on the fourth Thursday. Register in advance. Individuals, who have been attending the biweekly MCR technical assistance meetings, do not need to reregister but should take note of the new dates. 

House Bill 21-1085 directs HCPF to implement a behavioral health secure transportation paid benefit by July 1, 2023. This legislation creates a standardized transport benefit to improve access to behavioral health care. It is a collaborative effort between HCPF, the Behavioral Health Administration (BHA) and the Colorado Department of Public Health and Environment (CDPHE). 

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To enroll with HCPF, BHST providers must have appropriate licenses and vehicle permits. Please use BHST Licensing/Permitting County Contacts List to identify the point of contact for BHST licensing and permitting processes in each county. This list is updated periodically and should not be considered exhaustive. This information is shared for the benefit of companies who intend to enroll with HCPF as BHST providers. Find more information about provider enrollment on the BHST Billing Manual webpage

Once BHST providers have obtained appropriate licenses and permits, it is recommended that BHST providers advise local agencies of their operations. Some suggestions for connections include:

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Frequently Asked Questions 

How can I enroll as a HCPF BHST Provider? 

BHST Providers will enroll as a Behavioral Health Secure Transportation Provider Type 97, Specialty Type Secure Transportation 773. Enroll as a provider via the Provider Portal following the Medicaid Enrollment Process. To learn more about this process, please review provider resources. Providers enrolling as a BHST provider will be required to submit licenses and permits from each county in which they operate.

If I am already enrolled with HCPF to provide any type of Behavioral Health care, do I need to enroll separately to provide BHST?

Yes, if you are already enrolled with HCPF to provide behavioral health care, you will need to assure specific enrollment as a Behavioral Health Secure Transportation Provider 97 with the specialty type of Secure Transportation 773. This allows you to get reimbursement through HCPF for BHST services.

If I am already enrolled with HCPF to provide Emergency Medical Transportation, do I need to enroll separately to provide BHST?

If you are an enrolled HCPF Emergency Medical Transportation Provider Type 13 (Specialty Type 124 or 324), you do not need to enroll as a Behavioral Health Crisis Services Provider with the specialty type of Secure Transportation in order to bill BHST codes. As a HCPF Enrolled Provider Type 13 (Specialty 124 or 324), the provider must maintain appropriate records demonstrating compliance with the secure transportation minimum standards, including the “secure transportation vehicle safety and design standards” per CDPHE Rule 6 CCR 1011-4. CDPHE Rule also indicates that “A ground ambulance agency shall notify CDPHE if it is providing secure transportation services under its ground ambulance license as part of its secure transportation service profile set forth at Part 6.4.”

Please see CDPHE FAQ for more detail on Ground Ambulances who provide BHST services.

Will the RAE plans reimburse for this service or HCPF fee-for-service? 

BHST is currently a fee-for-service benefit though HCPF.  That means HCPF enrolled providers will bill HCFP directly for provision of services to Health First Colorado members. 

What is the reimbursement rate and codes expected for this service?

Below are the current codes and initial draft rates are subject to change.

Code Modifier Unit Description Proposed Rate
A0999 ET One Way Loaded Trip Behavioral Health Secure Transport $262.66
A0425 ET Mile Ground mileage, per statute mile $6.10
Are there payment considerations for BHST services provided to people without Health First Colorado coverage?

The Behavioral Health Administration (BHA) has a General Accounting Encumbrance to fund certain services that may apply to non-Health First Colorado Members. To learn more about the BHA General Accounting Encumbrance, please contact Mark Condojani.

How You Can Help

The Department and its partners encourage you to take the Behavioral Health Secure Transportation (BHST) Stakeholder Engagement Survey. The Department is also collecting county contacts responsible for helping to set up the BHST licensing and permitting process. Email Meghan Morrissey with information.

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Ask a question or make a suggestion. Contact meghan.morrissey@state.co.us