Non-Emergent Medical Transportation

Non-Emergent Medical Transportation (NEMT) is a Health First Colorado (Colorado Medicaid) program benefit for members who don't have transportation to medical appointments. NEMT is provided through Health Solutions by Transdev, a transportation broker for the nine Denver metro counties. Outside of the Denver metro area, NEMT is offered by local transportation providers. Health First Colorado members can also find out more by visiting the Health First Colorado NEMT webpage.

UPDATE: An extension of a maximum of six months was requested and approved by CMS, effective April 1, 2024.  Effective Oct. 1, 2023, the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS) approved a moratorium of at least six months on any new and pending NEMT provider enrollments. The moratorium is due to a significant potential for fraud, waste, or abuse of the Health First Colorado program. Visit HCPF’s provider news page to stay up to date on any changes in the coming months.

Effective May 1, 2024, the member’s medical provider must complete the Verification Form for Transportation Services More Than 25 Miles to verify the medical necessity of trip requests that exceed 25 miles, one way.

Frequently Asked Questions for Health First Colorado Members

What should I do if I need a ride?
If you live in  Health Solutions by Transdev’s nine-county service area, contact  Health Solutions by Transdev to schedule transportation 48 hours before travel. Call 303-398-2155 or 855-489-4999, or chat (https://transdevhealthsolutions.com/colorado/). Health Solutions by Transdev will verify basic info (state ID, name, address, etc.), check eligibility, and ensure that the destination is an enrolled location and that the trip is for a Medicaid-covered service.

If you live outside of Health Solutions by Transdev’s service area, visit the NEMT provider page to find a local NEMT provider and contact the provider’s office directly to schedule rides for travel.(Be sure to schedule travel at least two business days before your appointment.) The transportation provider manages the administrative details including eligibility and authorization before dispatching the trip.

How does the mileage reimbursement process work? 
No, Health Solutions by Transdev continues to manage the mileage reimbursement process for all members, no matter the member’s county of residence. Contact Health Solutions by Transdev at 303-398-2155 or https://transdevhealthsolutions.com/colorado/ if you are requesting mileage reimbursement or out-of-state transportation.

What is the process for booking out-of-state travel requests?
Health Solutions by Transdev will manages out-of-state travel requests regardless of the member’s county of residence.

How are meals and lodging requests handled?
Health Solutions by Transdev manages meals and lodging requests regardless of the member’s county of residence. These requests will be prior-authorized and reimbursed by Health Solutions by Transdev statewide.

Frequently Asked Questions for Transportation Providers

Where should I submit billing for services provided?
Transportation providers must submit reimbursement requests to Gainwell Technologies for all trips. Visit the Provider Contacts web page or call 1-844-235- 2387.

How can I learn about checking eligibility? 
NEMT providers can check a member’s eligibility either through the provider web portal, the IVR system through 1-844-235-2387, or by submitting a batch 270.

Frequently Asked Questions for Counties

What are the county offices of health and human services’ responsibilities? 
HCPF provides counties a list of local transportation providers to support Health First Colorado members when they call county offices. Visit the NEMT provider page to find the list and download the NEMT Service Area resource guide.

Will the counties need to process mileage reimbursement claims?
Counties are not involved in processing mileage reimbursement claims. Instead, Health Solutions by Transdev manages the mileage reimbursement process for all members, no matter what county they live in. If members contact a county requesting reimbursement, please direct them to a local transportation provider located at http://hcpf.colorado.gov/nemtlist.