HCBS Provider Enrollment Information


Required Training

Home and Community Based Services (HCBS) Provider Enrollment Training for New Applications

All providers submitting new HCBS enrollment applications must:

  1. Watch the Enrolling as a Health First Colorado HCBS Provider Training video
  2. Complete the HCBS Enrollment Training Quiz scoring 90% or higher 
    • Note: if you are re-taking this quiz, it is recommended to clear your browser's cache first.
  3. At the end of the quiz, take a screenshot of the last screen that includes your provider name and score.  In the Provider Web Portalattach this required documentation to your new HCBS enrollment application in order to start enrollment.

Enrolling Multiple Service Locations

Each service location must be enrolled separately by submitting a separate application and paying an additional application fee (if applicable).

If services are provided in a Health First Colorado member's residence or other non-provider owned setting, providers will need to use their main office location as the service address.

Enrolling with Multiple Specialties or Services

Providers should submit one application for the Home and Community Based Services (HCBS) provider type that includes all specialties or services they provide. Providers do not need to submit a separate application for each type of waiver (DD/SLS/CES, EBD/BI, etc.)

Providers should only submit additional applications if they have additional service locations or if they are applying for an additional provider type outside of HCBS.


Required Documentation

General Documentation for New Enrollment Applications

  • Screenshot of HCBS Enrollment Training Quiz results for new enrollment applications only
  • Copy of one of the following IRS documents for Employer Identification Number (EIN) enrollments only
    • SS-4 Employer Identification Number Assignment
    • IRS 147c EIN Verification letter
  • Copy of the Affidavit of Lawful Presence for SSN enrollments only
  • Photocopy of government-issued photo ID (i.e. Driver's License) must be attached to application
  • Affidavit of Lawful Presence - Visit Provider Services website - Provider Forms section
  • Malpractice/Liability insurance information must be entered on the application. However, proof of insurance is not a required attachment.
  • Copy of W-9 signed within the last six months
    • Address must match one address listed on the application
    • Doing Business As (DBA) or Trade Name must be listed on Line 2 if included on the application
  • Voided check or signed bank letter
    • Voided check or bank letter address must match an address on the application
    • If a bank letter is submitted, the letter must be signed by the bank within the last six months.
    • Must include account and routing numbers

CDPHE Requirements

The Colorado Department of Public Health and Environment (CDPHE) is contracted by the Department of Health Care Policy and Financing (HCPF) to recommend certification and licensure for applicable HCBS providers.

Please review all requirements for each HCBS specialty to determine if certification or licensure is required for your organization.


The federal regulation at 42 CFR § 455.414 requires that state Medicaid agencies revalidate the enrollment of all providers, regardless of provider types and/or specialties, at least every 5 years.

When revalidating businesses (EIN enrollment) that have more than one service location, a separate revalidation for each different location is required. If a fee is required, it applies to each service location. Please review the specialty information below to determine if the fee is required.

Individuals (SSN enrollment) complete only one revalidation.

Note: New specialties are not available to be added during a revalidation. If applicable they can be added via a maintenance request once revalidation is finalized and approved.

Review the Revalidation Quick Guide before beginning a revalidation through the Provider Portal.  View HCBS Provider Specialty Codes.

After reviewing the training materials, log into the Provider Web Portal to begin revalidation.

Service Categories

View Acronym Glossary

I want to provide services that include:

  • SP 601 Adult Day Services - BI/EBD/CIH/CMHS Services (Adult day center-based only)
  • SP 602 Alternative Care Facility - EBD/CMHS Services (Residency-based only)
  • SP 639 Day Habilitation - Specialized Habilitation DD/SLS Services (In-home and community-based)
  • SP 664 Personal Care - SLS Services (In-home and community-based)
  • SP 656 In-Home Support Services - EBD/CIH/CHCBS Services (In-home and community-based)
  • SP 666 Personal Care/Homemaker Services - BI/EBD/CIH/CMHS Services (In-home and community-based)

  • SP 618 Children's Case Management CHCBS Services
  • SP 886 CHRP Wraparound Services (In-home/virtual and community-based)

  • SP 600 Adapted Therapeutic Recreational Equipment/Fees - CES Services (Community-based)
  • SP 634 Community Connector - CES Services (Community-based)
  • SP 660 Non-Medical Transportation - BI/EBD/CIH/CMHS Services (Community-based)
  • SP 661 Non-Medical Transportation DD/SLS Services (Community-based)
  • SP 669 Prevocational Services - DD/SLS Services (Community-based)
  • SP 679 Supported Employment - DD/SLS Services (Community-based)
  • SP 713 Day Habilitation - Supported Community Connections - DD/SLS Services (Community-based)
  • SP 754 Peer Mentorship - BI/EBD/CIH/CMHS/DD/SLS Services (Community-Based)
  • SP 883 CHRP Services Community Connector (Community-based)

  • SP 614 Children with LLI - Palliative Supportive Care CLLI Services (In-home and virtual)

  • SP 652 Homemaker - CES/SLS Services (In-home and community-based)
  • SP 656 In-Home Support Services - EBD/CIH/CHCBS Services (In-home)
  • SP 666 Personal Care/Homemaker Services - BI/EBD/CIH/CMHS Services (In-home and community-based)

  • SP 601 Adult Day Services - BI/EBD/CIH/CMHS Services (Adult day center- based only)
  • SP 603 Assistive Technology - BI Services (In-home and community-based)
  • SP 607 Assistive Technology - CES/SLS Services
  • SP 643 Electronic Monitoring - BI/EBD/CIH/CMHS Services
  • SP 648 Home Accessibility Adaptations - CES/SLS Services
  • SP 651 Home Modifications Adaptations - BI/EBD/CIH/CMHS Services
  • SP 660 Non-Medical Transportation - BI/EBD/CIH/CMHS Services (Community-based)
  • SP 661 Non-Medical Transportation - DD/SLS Services (Community-based)
  • SP 677 Specialized Medical Equipment/Supplies - CES/DD/SLS Services
  • SP 685 Vehicle Modifications - CES/SLS Services
  • SP 752 Home Delivered Meals - BI/EBD/CIH/CMHS/DD/SLS Services (In-home)
  • SP 756 Remote Supports - BI/EBD/CIH/CMHS/SLS Services

  • Acupuncture
    • SP 879 Acupuncture - CIH Services (In-home, provider office)
  • Behavioral Services
    • SP 609 Behavioral Programming - BI Services (In-home/virtual and Community)
    • SP 610 Behavioral Services - DD/SLS Services  (In-home (Line staff), virtual, provider office)
  • Chiropractic
    • SP 880 Chiropractic - CIH Services (In-home, provider office)
  • Mental Health Counseling/Therapy Services
    • SP 617 Children with LLI - Therapy and Counseling CLLI Services  (In-home, provider office, virtual) 
    • SP 635 Community Mental Health Services - BI Services (In-home, provider office, virtual)
    • SP 641 Day Treatment - BI Services (non-residential setting and community-based only)
    • SP 645 Expressive Therapy - Art Therapy CLLI Services (In-home, community-based, provider office, virtual)
    • SP 646 Expressive Therapy - Music Therapy CLLI Services (In-home, community-based, provider office, virtual)
    • SP 678 Substance Abuse Counseling - BI Services (In-home, community-based, provider office)
  • Hippotherapy
    • SP 670 Professional Services Hippotherapy - CES/SLS Services (community-provider environment)
    • SP 741 CHRP Hippotherapy Services (Community - provider environment)
  • Massage Therapy
    • SP 613 Children with LLI - Massage Therapy CLLI Services (In-home, provider office)
    • SP 729 Professional Services - Massage CES/SLS Services (In-home, community-based, provider office)
    • SP 742 CHRP Massage Therapy Services (In-home, community-based, provider office)
    • SP 881 Massage Therapy CIH Services (In-home, community-based, provider office)
  • Movement Therapy
    • SP 672 Professional Services Movement Therapy - CES/SLS Services (In-home, community-based, provider office, virtual)
    • SP 743 CHRP Movement Therapy Services (In-home, community-based, provider office, virtual)
  • Vision Services
    • SP 687 Vision - DD/SLS Services (Provider office)

  • SP 659 Mentorship - SLS Services (In-home and community-based)
  • SP 662 Parent Education - CES Services (In-home and community-based)
  • SP 754 Peer Mentorship - BI/EBD/CIH/CMHS/DD/SLS Services (Community-based)
  • SP 882 CHRP Child and Youth Mentorship Services (Community-based and virtual)

  • SP 615 Children with LLI - Respite Skilled CLLI Services (In-home and community-based)
  • SP 616 Children with LLI - Respite Unskilled CLLI Services (In-home and community-based)
  • SP 675 Respite - BI/EBD/CIH/CMHS Services (In-home and community-based)
  • SP 676 Respite - CES/SLS Services (In-home and community-based)
  • SP 751 Youth Day Services - CES Services (In-home and community-based)
  • SP 885 CHRP - Respite Services (In-home and community-based)

  • SP 602 Alternative Care Facility - EBD/CMHS Services (Residency-based only)
  • SP 636 Transition Setup - BI/CMHS/EBD/CIH/DD/SLS Services (In-Home)
  • SP 654 Independent Living Skills Training - BI Services (In-home and community-based)
  • SP 673 Residential Habilitation Services Group Home - DD Services (Residential-based only)
  • SP 674 Residential Habilitation Services IRSS/Host Home - DD Services (Residential-based only)
  • SP 680 Supported Living Program - BI Services (Assisted-Living residence only)
  • SP 753 Life Skills Training - CMHS/EBD/CIH/SLS Services (In-Home and community-based)
  • SP 884 CHRP - Habilitation Services (Residential-in home)