Hospital Transparency

HB19-1001 Hospital Transparency Measures to Analyze Efficacy requires the Department of Health Care Policy & Financing (the Department) to develop and publish a report on hospital uncompensated care costs titled the Hospital Expenditure Report.

In order to complete the report, the bill requires:

  • Hospitals to submit historic, if available, and recent audited financial statements and Medicare cost reports to the Department.
  • Hospitals to report historic and recent financial and utilization metrics, acquisition transactions, and affiliation transactions to the Department.

HB19-1001: Hospital Transparency Measures To Analyze Efficacy

The Department will contact providers through email. Please sign-up for Hospital Transparency Updates. To complete the sign-up process, enter your contact information and select the Hospital Transparency box.

Hospital Transparency and Community Benefit Stakeholder Meeting

June 2021 Meeting Presentation Slides

June 2021 Meeting Recording

Reporting Tools

Hospital Expenditure Report - Reporting Template - Effective July 8, 2021

Definitions and Descriptions for the Reporting Template - Effective June 30, 2021


2021 Hospital Expenditure Report - January 2021

2020 Hospital Expenditure Report Addendum - September 2020

2020 Hospital Expenditure Report- January 2020

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