Colorado Hospital Transformation Program

Program Summary

What is the Hospital Transformation Program (HTP)?

The goal of the HTP is to improve the quality of hospital care provided to Health First Colorado (Colorado Medicaid) members by tying provider fee-funded hospital payments to quality-based initiatives. 

Over the course of the five-year program, provider fee-funded hospital payments will transition from pay-for-process and reporting to a pay-for-performance structure in an effort to improve quality, demonstrate meaningful community engagement and improve health outcomes over time. 

Key activities and quality measures for HTP are consistent across the state, yet flexible enough to allow hospitals to work with their communities on the best interventions and approaches that serve them. 

Project and Program Overview

A combination of a State Plan Amendment and federal waiver under section 1115 of the Social Security Act will be utilized for the implementation and operations of HTP.

HTP Goals

  • Improve patient outcomes through care redesign and integration of care across settings.

  • Improve the performance of the delivery system by ensuring appropriate care in appropriate settings.

  • Lower Health First Colorado costs through reductions in avoidable hospital utilization and increased effectiveness and efficiency in care delivery.

  • Accelerate hospitals’ organizational, operational and systems readiness for value-based payment.

HTP Focus Areas

  • Reducing avoidable hospital utilization.

  • Core populations.

  • Behavioral health and substance use disorder coordination.

  • Clinical and operational efficiencies.

  • Population health/total cost of care.

  • Increase collaboration between hospitals, their community health partners and other providers.


Hospital Transformation Program Overview & Framework

This section includes overview documents outlining priority areas, hospital participation, project development, quality measures approach, and program timeline.

The Department invites public comment and questions on the Hospital Transformation Program. Please send your written comments, suggestions, or questions to

Community and Health Neighborhood Engagement (CHNE) Process

Action Plans

Midpoint Report

Final Report

Additional Data Resources

Regional Accountable Entity (RAE) Contacts for HTP

HTP Rural Support Fund

HTP Rural Support Fund

HTP Community Advisory Council

HTP Community Advisory Council

HTP Application Documents

Hospital Application - Updated Dec 21, 2020

Application Background and Instructions

Application Review Criteria

Intervention Proposal - Updated Dec 21, 2020

Letter of Partnership Template

Ongoing CHNE Requirements

Program Launch and Application Training

HTP Application Training Presentation - Updated Mar 4, 2021

HTP Application Training FAQ

HTP Oversight Committee

HTP Implementation Plan and Milestone Requirements

Implementation Plan Template and Milestone Requirements

Implementation Plan Review Criteria - Updated September 9, 2021

Implementation Plan Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) - Updated November 18, 2021

Implementation Plan Training Presentation - June 11, 2021

Implementation Plan Training Video - June 11, 2021

Implementation Plan Submission - CPAS Portal Training Video - August 5, 2021

Implementation Plan Submission - CPAS Portal Training Presentation - August 5, 2021

Newsletters and Communications

HTP Newsletters and Communication Archive

Tools & Resources

HTP CPAS Instructional Video

HTP Dashboard Reports Training

HTP Hospital Index User's Guide - Updated June 14, 2021

Program Contact

Matt Haynes
Special Finance Projects Manager

More information will be posted about the Hospital Transformation Program soon. Watch this space for information about stakeholder opportunities, frequently asked questions, and more.