Colorado Hospital Transformation Program 101

Hospital Transformation Program Overview

What is the Hospital Transformation Program (HTP)?

The goal of the HTP is to improve the quality of hospital care provided to Health First Colorado (Colorado's Medicaid program) members by tying provider fee-funded hospital payments to quality-based initiatives.

Over the course of the five-year program, provider fee-funded hospital payments will transition from pay-for-process and reporting to a pay-for-performance structure in an effort to improve quality, demonstrate meaningful community engagement and improve health outcomes over time . Program Year 1 began October 1, 2021 and Program Year 5 concludes September 30, 2026. Final program reporting and reconciliation will occur between October 1, 2026 and September 30, 2027.

Key activities and quality measures for HTP are consistent across the state, yet flexible enough to allow hospitals to work with their communities on the best interventions and approaches that serve them.

HTP Goals

  • Improve patient outcomes through care redesign and integration of care across settings.
  • Improve the performance of the delivery system by ensuring appropriate care in appropriate settings
  • Lower Health First Colorado costs through reductions in avoidable hospital utilization and increased effectiveness and efficiency in care delivery.
  • Accelerate hospitals' organizational, operational and systems readiness for value-based payment.

Implementation Plan and Milestone Requirements

Hospitals participating in the Hospital Transformation Program (HTP) must submit an Implementation Plan detailing the strategies and steps they intend to take in implementing each of the intervention(s) outlined in their applications. Below are documents and resources to support hospitals and staff to work their implementation plans and milestones within the Hospital Transformation Program. 


Hospital Transformation Program Application

Implementation Plan Training

Community and Health Neighborhood Engagement (CHNE) Process

As part of the preparations for the Hospital Transformation Program (HTP), hospitals were required to convene stakeholders to seek input from the community in assessing community needs and identifying HTP initiatives. Hospitals were encouraged to utilize existing coalitions, forums, and resources in the region to the greatest extent possible in order to meet these pre-program Community and Health Neighborhood Engagement (CHNE) requirements and planning for their HTP initiatives. Hospitals submitted Action Plans, Mid-Point Reports, and Final Reports for the pre-program CHNE. These are available by request.

Action Plans

Midpoint Report

Final Report

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