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"We strive to support and care for individuals when they are the sickest and most vulnerable, implement programs to better control claim costs in the near term, to better prepare us for economic volatility in years to come, and align our programs with industry standards to streamline Medicaid administration for doctors and hospitals."

-Kim Bimestefer, Executive Director for the Colorado Department of Health Care Policy & Financing.

Hospital costs are a significant driver of public and private insurance expenditures, and for Health First Colorado (Colorado's Medicaid Program), 30 percent are attributed to hospitals. Additional analysis of hospital data could potentially lead to initiatives that improve the health care delivery system to the benefit of all users and insurers.

This webpage contains links to Health Care Policy and Financing's hospital reporting as well as links to sister agencies and other resources.

Hospital Insights
Hospital Cost, Price & Profit Analysis
Colorado Hospital Accountability and Sustainability Enterprise (CHASE)

CHASE submits an annual report that includes recommendation made to the state board, a description of the formula for how the healthcare affordability and sustainability fee is calculated, and itemization of the costs incurred by the enterprise, estimates of the differences between the cost of case provided and the payment received by hospitals on a per-patient basis, aggregated for all hospitals, for patients covered by Medicaid, Medicare and all other payers, and a summary of the efforts made by the enterprise to seek any federal waiver necessary to fund and support the implementation of a health care delivery system reform incentive payments program. CHASE Board Webpage

Hospital Community Benefit Accountability

HB19-1320 requires non-profit tax exempt hospitals, Denver Health Medical Center, and University of Colorado Hospital to complete a community health needs assessment every three years and an annual community benefit implementation plan every year. Hospital Community Benefit Accountability Webpage

Hospital Transparency

HB19-1001 Hospital Transparency Measures to Analyze Efficacy requires the Department of Health Care Policy & Financing (the Department) to develop and publish a report on hospital uncompensated care costs titled the Hospital Expenditure Report. Hospital Transparency Webpage

Hospital Cost Analysis

CHASE Hospital Cost Analysis - HB 09-1293 authorized a provider fee for hospitals which was designed to reduce the cost shift from Medicaid to private insurance, but this hasn't been the case. Upon direction of the General Assembly, the Department has targeted resources towards researching hospital costs and cost shift for both public and private payers. CHASE Hospital Cost Analysis Webpage

Colorado Cost Shift Analysis - Achieving universal access to health care in Colorado is vital and a goal shared by policymakers, hospitals, providers, advocates, insurance carriers, business groups, and most importantly, Coloradans. While Colorado has made significant progress increasing coverage and access, one of the biggest remaining barriers is the high, and increasing cost of health care. Colorado Cost Shift Analysis Webpage

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