Hospital Price Transparency

Senate Bill (SB) 23-252 builds upon Federal Hospital Price Transparency rule by requiring hospitals to include Medicare rates in their price postings. Additionally, SB23-252 includes language requiring HCPF to conduct performance assessments of hospital price postings and make violations of hospital price transparency requirements a deceptive trade practice.

SB23-252 Implementation Timeline

  • October 2023: Medicare rates must be posted on hospital websites.
  • February 2024: Medicare rates should be included in the same file as other hospital price postings.
  • Spring 2024: HCPF conducts an annual performance assessment, including a review of Medicare rate postings. HCPF posts the results on this website.


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  • Part 9 to Article 1 of Title 25.5, C.R.S., is the statute concerning hospital medical price transparency, which was enacted via the adoption of Senate Bill 23-252.

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