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Client Applications

2022-23 Annual Provider Application

Please contact the Department to request a blank copy of the 2022-23 Annual Provider Application.

2022-23 Annual Training

Hospital providers must have at least one staff member attend each of the two trainings. Clinic providers would only need to attend one of the two policies and procedures training sessions. There will not be training this year on the clinic version of the client application. All providers are encouraged to have at least one staff member attend the Question and Answer session. The Question and Answer session will cover all questions asked during the first four training sessions and will have an open forum for additional questions. Training will contain attendee participation questions throughout.

Clinic Client Application Training

Clinic Client Application Presentation Slides

CICP Policies and Procedures

CICP Policies and Procedures Presentation Slides

Uniform Application for Hospital Discounted Care and CICP - May 2022

Uniform Application Training Handouts

Uniform Application for Hospital Discounted Care and CICP - August 2022

2021-22 Annual Training

The Department held annual training for the CICP June 16 through June 29. This year's training topics were Income Determination, Application Policies, and Household Scenarios. As always, the last training session will be the Q&A session that reviewed all questions asked during the other sessions and allowed time for additional questions. Slides are posted below with links to the recordings.

Income Determination - This training covered how to calculate income for different situations, including but not limited to past and current short term disability, income in other currencies, self-employment, and unemployment.

Income Calculation Presentation
Income Calculation Training Recording

Application Policies - This training will covered how to fill out the CICP client application (both hospital and clinic), including the policies involved in how certain sections must be filled out. Topics covered include but are not limited to effective dates, Health First Colorado eligibility and denials, and lawful presence.

Application Policies Presentation
Application Policies Training Recording

Household Scenarios - This training consisted of working through various fictional household scenarios based on common questions sent to the CICP inbox. 

Household Scenarios Presentation
Household Scenarios Training Recording

Question and Answer - This session covered all questions asked during the first six training sessions and allowed for an open forum for any other questions to be asked. 

Question and Answer Session

2022-23 Operations Manual - Effective July 1, 2022
2021-22 Operations Manual - Effective July 1, 2021

Program data is due annually with the Annual Provider Application for CICP Clinics and with the DSH Audit data for CICP Hospitals.

Please direct any questions, comments or concerns to hcpf_CICPCorrespondence@state.co.us.