Health Insurance vs CICP

Why Health Insurance?

CICP Providers are only required to treat patients for emergency care. It is up to the provider to decide which other types of services they are willing to discount under CICP.

Quick Comparison of CICP and Health Insurance:

ServicesCICPHealth Insurance
Emergency CareYesYes
Health InsuranceNoYes
Prescription Drug CoverageLimitedYes
Durable Medical EquipmentNoYes
Physician Services CoveredLimitedYes
Specialist ServicesLimitedYes
Dental CoverageNoYes
Behavioral Health ServicesNoYes

When to Apply

Anyone may sign up for health insurance during the Open Enrollment period. Open Enrollment for health insurance begins November 1 through January 15. Coverage will be effective January 1st, if you apply and pay premiums before December 15th. If you do not renew your current plan or elect a new plan by December 15th, you will be automatically re-enrolled in your existing plan. If you are enrolled by the fifteenth of the month, coverage in the new plan will start on the first day of the next month.

When you make big changes in life, you may be eligible to enroll or change your health insurance coverage outside of the Open Enrollment Period within 60 days of the event. Visit the Connect for Health Colorado website to learn about qualifying life change events that allow you to enroll or change your health insurance coverage outside of the Open Enrollment Period.

How to Apply

Applying for health insurance is convenient and confidential using the Connect for Health Colorado website or by calling 1-855-PLANS4YOU (855-752-6749). Connect for Health Colorado is a public, non-profit organization committed to helping you find quality health coverage.

CICP as a Secondary Option

If you have health insurance and are also eligible for CICP, you may use CICP at a CICP provider as a secondary option. Your CICP provider will bill your health insurance first. You will pay the remaining charges your health insurance does not cover or your CICP co-payment, whichever amount is lower.