Health First Colorado vs CICP

Why Health First Colorado?

Every Health First Colorado member has a primary care provider. Members and primary care providers belong to a regional organization that helps make sure Health First Colorado members get the health care and services they need. Regional organizations can also help members understand and manage physical and behavioral health benefits, find specialists or other providers, and connect members with transportation, food assistance or other social services, if needed.

When to Apply

All new and renewing applicants for the Colorado Indigent Care Program (CICP) who meet the minimum requirements for Health First Colorado must apply for Health First Colorado. Once eligibility is determined, coverage may backdate 90 days prior to application. Health First Colorado has no monthly premiums and co-payments are lower with Health First Colorado than CICP for most people.

Quick Comparison:
Services CICP Health First Colorado
Emergency Care Yes Yes
Health Insurance No Yes
Prescription Drug Coverage Limited Yes
Durable Medical Equipment No Yes
Statewide Limited Yes
Physician Services Covered Limited Yes
Specialist Services Limited Yes
Dental Coverage No Yes
Behavioral Health Services No Yes
Regional Organization No Yes


CICP Providers are only required to treat patients for emergency care. It is up to the provider to decide which other types of services they are willing to discount under CICP.

How to Apply

Applying for Health First Colorado is convenient and confidential using Eligibility for food, cash assistance, and Child Health Plan Plus (CHP+) can also be determined using PEAK.

If Denied

If you apply for Health First Colorado and are determined not eligible, you may still be eligible for CICP. Make an appointment with a CICP provider where you live to fill out your application and bring your Health First Colorado denial letter with you. To find a CICP provider where you live, see the CICP page or call 1-800-221-3943. You can also apply for health insurance through Connect for Health Colorado. For more information on Connect for Health Colorado call 1-855-752-6749.