CICP Provider FAQs


Question: Is there a Spanish version of the application available?
Answer: No, the Department will not release a Spanish version of the application, but providers are allowed to translate the application if they wish.

Question: Do all applicants need to sign every worksheet even if some of them do not apply?
Answer: All applicants should sign the income worksheet (CICP application Worksheet 1). If the provider counts deductions, all applicants should also sign the deduction worksheet (CICP application Worksheet 3) even if they do not have any deductions that apply. The same goes for liquid assets (CICP application Worksheet 4). The self-employment worksheet (CICP application Worksheet 2) only needs to be signed if the applicant owns their own business and does not pay themselves via pay check.

Question: Which application worksheets need to be signed by the applicant?
Answer: All applicants must sign the Application page and Worksheet 1. If the applicant owns their own business, then they must also sign Worksheet 2. If your facility counts deductions, all applicants must sign Worksheet 3, and if your facility counts liquid resources, all applicants must sign Worksheet 4 even if they have no deductions or liquid resources to count. Signing those worksheets indicates that the applicant agrees that they do not have anything to count on those worksheets.

Question: Are we allowed to backdate more than 90 days?
Answer: Yes, providers have the ability to extend the backdate past the 90 days if the provider feels that the applicant's situation warrants a longer backdate. Providers are cautioned not to extend the backdate into periods that have already been reported to the Department as those visits would not be able to be reported retroactively.

Question: Should the backdating period be reflected in the effective dates on the CICP card?
Answer: No, the dates listed on the card should not include the backdating period, and the card should never be valid for more than a year after the application date.

Question: If we are screening an applicant for covering a prior date of service only, what should the effective dates be on the card?
Answer: If the applicant only needs the prior date covered, the card should only reflect the dates of service that the applicant needs covered. Providers would not need to give the client a copy of the card since it is only valid for the date(s) of service, but clients are allowed to request a copy of the card for their records.

Copayment Cap

Question: If the applicant has no income and their FPL rating is 0, is their copayment cap $0?
Answer: Yes, for applicants who are not homeless and have FPL ratings between 0 and 40, their copayment cap is 10% of their income or $120, whichever is lower. For a patient whose income is $0, 10% of their income ($0 x 10% = $0) is less than $120, so their cap is set at $0.


Question: Can CICP be used to cover visits/services that Health First Colorado will not cover?
Answer: No, if the applicant is eligible for Health First Colorado, then they cannot be on CICP, even for visits/services that Health First Colorado will not cover. However, the applicant is allowed to apply for CICP to cover visits that fall in between or prior to their Health First Colorado eligibility.

Health Insurance

Question: How do we handle clients who have Medi-Share insurance?
Answer: Clients who have Medi-Share insurance are eligible for CICP. These clients need to provide a letter from their Medi-Share program prior to their services being discounted under CICP EVERY TIME they receive services. If they do not provide a letter for each visit/admission, they will be responsible for the full charges.


Question: If an applicant claims they are homeless but also claims an income source, does the homeless status trump the income?
Answer: Homeless applicants are exempt from the verification aspect of their income, meaning that they do not need to produce documentation of their income, they can verbally state what their income is. As long as the homeless applicant's income is less than 40% FPL, they qualify for the homeless rate (i.e. the $0 copays). If their income is higher than 40% FPL, they would be responsible for copays at the income level they fall into.

Lawful Presence

Question: If the applicant presents a driver's license with a star on it, what other documentation do we need to prove lawful presence?
Answer: No other documentation is required from applicants whose driver's license shows the star. In accordance with the REAL ID Act, the star indicates that the issuing state agency has already checked the applicant's lawful presence prior to issuing the license. States that are in compliance with the REAL ID Act can be checked on the US Department of Homeland Security's website.

Question: Are DACA clients eligible for CICP?
Answer: As long as the applicant can provide a document that can be verified as valid in SAVE, they may be eligible for CICP.

Medicare and Health First Colorado

Question: Can CICP be used to cover services that Health First Colorado won't cover?
Answer: If the applicant has prior services that are not covered by Health First Colorado those services can be discounted under CICP. If the applicant is currently a Health First Colorado member, CICP cannot be used to cover visits that Health First Colorado does not cover during the applicant's Health First Colorado membership.

Question: Does a senior (65+) have to have or apply for Medicare prior to being put on CICP?
Answer: CICP does not mandate that a senior must have or apply for Medicare prior to being put on CICP. However, we encourage seniors to apply for Medicare as soon as possible since penalties for waiting compound the longer the senior waits. Additionally, if the applicant is potentially eligible for Health First Colorado coverage they may end up not being able to have their Health First Colorado eligibility determined until they apply for Medicare, which may cause them to be unable to be covered by Health First Colorado, Medicare, and CICP until the next open enrollment period for Medicare. We do not want any of our seniors to fall into this situation, so please encourage them to apply as soon as possible.


Any questions that cannot be answered by your CICP Eligibility Manager and not answered in the provider manual should be directed to CICPCorrespondence.