Wellness Education Benefit

The Wellness Education Benefit (WEB) is designed to reduce the need for a higher level of care by offering educational materials that provide members and their families with actionable tools that can be used to prevent the progression of a disability, increase community engagement, combat isolation, and improve awareness of Medicaid services. 

The WEB helps members and their unpaid caregivers to obtain, process, and understand information that assists with managing health-related issues, promoting community living, and achieving goals identified in their person-centered service plans. 

The WEB provides short articles that are mailed to the member on a monthly basis. Members will receive a different article each month that will address the health and wellness topics relevant to the member. All articles will be written in plain language and will be translated into the member's preferred written language. Every mailed article will have an individualized QR code that the member or their representative can scan to open a digital copy of their educational materials for that month. This will give members the flexibility to zoom in, enlarge the text, and/or utilize screen readers to view their educational materials each month. 

The WEB will be mailed to Health First Colorado (Colorado's Medicaid Program) members who are enrolled in the Children's Home and Community Based Services (CHCBS) waiver effective May 2024. The WEB is anticipated to be an available service in all other waivers in 2025.

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Who Qualifies?

All Health First Colorado members enrolled in:


  • Provides an additional monthly waiver service to help members maintain their waiver eligibility
  • Provides information that is tailored to members based on their age and location
  • Provides members information on varied topics including:
    • Adaptive exercise
    • Balance training and fall prevention
    • Daily living and wellness tips
    • Developing social networks
    • Engaging in community activities
    • Local resources
    • Nutrition
    • Money management
    • and much more!

Opt-Out of the Wellness Education Benefit

  • Members will have the choice to opt-out of receiving the WEB materials
  • If a CHCBS waiver member chooses not to receive the WEB, they could be at risk of losing their waiver eligibility. Members must receive one waiver service every 30 days to maintain their waiver eligibility.
  • Contact your case manager with questions or to opt-out

WEB Examples

Example of Wellness Education Benefit article introducing the benefit and includes a photo of a man hugging a young girl
Example of Wellness Education Benefit article explaining the difference between State Plan and Waiver Benefits.

Contact Us

For more information, email the Community First Choice (CFC) Team at hcpf_web@state.co.us 


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