FY 2020-21 Requests

Submitted November 1, 2019.

Decision Items

R-1 Medical Services Premiums

R-2 Behavioral Health Community Programs

R-3 Children's Basic Health Plan

R-04 Medicare Modernization Act State Contribution
R-05 Office of Community Living Cost and Caseload
R-06 Improve Customer Service
R-07 Pharmacy Pricing and Technology
R-08 Accountability and Compliance Improvement Resources
R-09 Bundled Payments
R-10 Provider Rate Adjustment
R-11 Patient Placement and Benefit Implementation- Substance Use Disorder
R-12 Work Number Verification
R-13 Long-Term Care Utilization Management
R-14 Enhanced Care and Condition Management
R-15 Medicaid Recovery & Third Party Liability Modernization
R-16 Case Management & State-only Programs Modernization
R-17 Program Capacity for Older Adults
R-18 Public School Health Services Program Expansion
R-19 Leased Space
R-20 Safety Net Provider Payments Adjustment

Non-Prioritized Items

NPR-01 Joint Agency Interoperability Operations & Maintenance
NPR-02 Youth Services Caseload Adjustment
NPR-03 Adjust Medicaid Funding for Eligibility
NPR-04 DHS Annual Fleet Vehicle
NPR-05 OIT FY21 Budget Request Package
NPR-06 Paid Family Leave
NPR-07 CDPHE Provider Rate Adjustment
NPR-08 Legal Services Adjustment (DPA)
NPR-09 Human Resources Staffing (DHS)
NPR-10 Post Affordable Care Act Reductions (DHS)
NPR-11 Realign Regional Center Appropriations (DHS)