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ATTENTION: Trading partners will be able to access MOVEit/Secure File Transfer Protocol (SFTP) system from Sunday, September 24, 2023, at 1:30 p.m. MT through Sunday, September 24, 2023 at 6:30 p.m. MT to send files. A response will not be received from the systems during this window.

Communications to Submitters

New Enrollment

To submit or receive batch files (such as claims or eligibility) in the Colorado interChange system, submitters must enroll as a trading partner for the Colorado interChange and pass test transactions for Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA) compliance.

Only one trading partner application needs to be completed per trading partner, even if the trading partner submits for multiple providers. Accurate and timely completion of the profile form will prevent delays in testing and approval for production processing.

A Trading Partner ID (TPID) is only needed to receive EDI information from or transmit to the Colorado interChange, and only the submitter or receiver needs the TPID. 

Submitters of interactive (single) claims through the Provider Web Portal no longer need a TPID (unless to receive an 835).

It is not necessary to enroll as a trading partner if a TPID is not needed.

  • Example 1: Clearinghouse XYZ submits batch claims for Dr. Jones. In this example, Clearinghouse XYZ needs a TPID; Dr. Jones does not.
  • Example 2: Dr. Pepper submits his own batch claims using software from a vendor. In this example, Dr. Pepper needs a TPID.
  • Example 3: Dr. Doolittle submits her own interactive (single) claims through the Web Portal. In this example, Dr. Doolittle does not need a TPID.
  • Example 4: In addition to submitting single claims through the Web Portal, Dr. Doolittle also has Clearinghouse XYZ submit batch claims for her. Clearinghouse XYZ needs a TPID (they can use the same TPID from example 1). Dr. Doolittle still does not need a TPID.


Step 1:
Download and review the Getting Started Guide listed below in the Companion Guides and Instructions section for enrollment instructions.

Step 2:
Visit the Provider Web Portal and click Trading Partner in the bottom left corner to complete the Trading Partner Enrollment application.

Step 3:
Download the Trading Partner Testing Packet listed below in the Companion Guides and Instructions section to complete the testing process to receive approval to submit production transactions.

Step 4:
Register for the Provider Web Portal as a Billing Agent and assign a trading partner administrator. Refer to the Provider Web Portal Quick Guide - Web Portal Registration on the Quick Guides web page.

Step 5:
Send the TPID to the providers for whom you will be submitting after receiving approval for production transactions. Refer to the Updating an ERA X12 835 Information - Provider Web Portal Quick Guide available on the Quick Guides web page. Submitters can refer providers to this resource.

Step 6:
Providers add you as a Registered Billing Agent/Clearinghouse/Switch Vendor. Refer to the Instructions for Adding Trading Partner ID (TPID) Authorization listed below in the Companion Guides and Instructions section.

Step 7:
Submit production batch claims.

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