Reproductive and Maternal Health Programs and Resources

The Department of Health Care Policy and Financing (HCPF) administers Health First Colorado (Colorado's Medicaid program), Child Health Plan Plus, and other health care programs. HCPF expands access to essential health care services by providing coverage options for reproductive and maternal health. This page gives Health First Colorado members, stakeholders and providers information and updates about programs for family planning, pregnancy and much more. Send feedback and questions to

Reproductive Health Services

HCPF offers coverage for a wide range of family planning services. Members can learn more about what services they may be eligible for on the Health First Colorado web page

Effective July 1, 2022,  HCPF has two limited benefit plans that covers family planning services and family planning related services for eligible undocumented individuals and individuals within the 133%-260% federal poverty level income bracket. Questions regarding this benefit can be sent to

Provider Resources:

Member Resources:

  • Members can visit the Health First Colorado webpage to learn about family planning and family planning related services and how to apply for coverage.
  • Help members learn more by downloading and posting flyers in shared spaces or on your provider web pages:

Maternal Health

HCPF has multiple programs to cover the healthcare needs of Health First Colorado members during and after pregnancy. Learn more about the pregnancy programs and healthcare benefits available to pregnant and postpartum members including: 

Effective July 1, 2022, people who qualified for medical assistance benefits while pregnant now have extended postpartum coverage for a year after their pregnancy ends. Health First Colorado members need to update their PEAK account to declare their pregnancy. Learn more by visiting the Health First Colorado webpage

Ongoing Legislative and Governor's Initiatives

2021 Legislative Session

SB21-194 Maternal Health Providers
Extends postpartum coverage to a year for persons who qualified for medical assistance benefits while pregnant. This will allow the pregnant person to maintain access to services during the postpartum period beyond the current 60-day coverage period. Bill Text
SB21-009 Reproductive Health Care Programs
Expands the Emergency Medical Services benefit that requires coverage of family planning services for eligible individuals regardless of their citizenship or immigration status. Bill Text
SB21-025 Family Planning Service for Eligible Individuals
Creates a new benefit plan that requires coverage of family planning and family planning related services for individuals with an income that's 133%-260% of the Federal Poverty Level (FPL). Bill Text
SB21-016 Protecting Preventive Health Care Coverage
Expands coverage of preventive services and covers family planning-related services that member's receive from providers that are outside of their managed care organizations. Bill Text

2022 Legislative Session

HB22-1289 Health Benefits for Colorado Children and Pregnant Persons
Expands health benefits for economically insecure Colorado families by enhancing public health programs. Bill Text

2023 Governor's Budget Request: R-9 Advancing Birthing Equity

HB22-1289 Health Benefits for Colorado Children and Pregnant Persons
Promote increased health equity outcomes by implementing Medicaid coverage for a) birthing doulas and B) outpatient human donor milk. Budget Request Text

Related Legislation

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