Prenatal Plus

Prenatal Plus Program

The Prenatal Plus Program is a special program for pregnant Health First Colorado (Colorado's Medicaid program) members who qualify. Prenatal Plus gives you a team of providers who work together to help lower the chances of you having a baby with low birth weight.

Who Qualifies?

  • You must qualify for Health First Colorado
  • You must be pregnant, and
  • You may be at risk for having a low birth weight baby, having a baby too early or feeling really down, depressed and hopeless during or after your pregnancy. These things may be caused by:
    • Smoking while you are pregnant,
    • Using drugs and/or alcohol while you are pregnant,
    • Being underweight or not gaining enough weight while you are pregnant,
    • Already having had a low birth weight baby before,
    • Being 18 years old or younger, or
    • Having a high level of stress while you are pregnant.

A Prenatal Plus provider will screen you to see if you qualify for the program.

Benefits and Services

  • Regular Health First Colorado benefits and other services to help keep you and your baby healthy while pregnant.
  • A team that includes a case manager, dietitian and a mental health provider who all work together to help make sure you have a healthy pregnancy. Your team will make sure that you are getting regular prenatal care. Your team will also help you get other services like food assistance, housing assistance, and help with continuing your education or finding a job.

What Does It Cost?

You do not have to pay for these services or help from your team. All pregnant women on Health First Colorado do not have to pay co-payments.

How to Apply

Please contact the Prenatal Plus provider in your area to see if this program is right for you.

If you have more questions about this program please contact the Health First Colorado Member Contact Center.