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To provide and exchange information with members, stakeholders, providers, legislators, and policymakers about the Department's efforts to ensure that all eligible individuals receive the services they need at the time they're needed, within the constraints of the state's limited financial resources. When funding limits the availability of services, waiting lists are established for individuals seeking services.

Currently the only HCBS waiver to have an active waiting list is the HCBS Developmental Disability waiver (HCBS-DD).  This waiver has two waiting lists As Soon As Available (ASAA) and Safety Net (SN).

See below for the strategic plans submitted to date, information about current enrollments, waiting list totals, funding, and ways to get involved with the strategic planning process. 

Medicaid Expenditures and Enrollments

See below for the expenditures and enrollment totals, by fiscal year, submitted to the Joint Budget Committee. Reports are published on the 15th of each month and reflect totals as of the end of the previous month. Since each report is cumulative for the fiscal year, only the most recent report is posted.

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Waiting List and Enrollment Information
DD Waiver Waiting List Report 2017
Strategic Plans & Statutorily Required Reports to the General Assembly

Below are links to the Strategic Plans for Ensuring Timely Access to Services for Individuals with Intellectual and Developmental Disabilities as reported to the Colorado General Assembly each November and required by 25.5-10-207.5(3)(a), C.R.S (2015).

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The Department, pursuant to Section 25.5-10-207.5(4)(a), C.R.S (2015), must: "develop, in consultation with intellectual and developmental disability system stakeholders, a comprehensive strategic plan...to enroll eligible persons...with intellectual and developmental disabilities into home and community based services programs, and programs pursuant to this Article at the time those persons choose to enroll...or need the services or supports."