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Making case management work better for everyone

If you use Health First Colorado’s (Colorado’s Medicaid program) home and community based services (HCBS), then you should know that important changes are coming to the case management system. 


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Interactive Future Case Management Agency (CMA) Map

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How will the new case management system benefit me?


You’ll be able to find the services you need more easily

  • Now: The type of HCBS waiver a person chooses determines the type of case management agency they will go to.
  • After: You are served by one case management agency in your area no matter your age, disability, or waiver you qualify for. 
  • Now: The system is confusing. Members must go to a lot of different places based on their specific disability to get the support they need. 
  • After: An easier-to-navigate system. You will be able to find the programs and services that work for you based on your individual needs and goals for services. 

Quality of services will improve

  • Now: Sometimes the quality of my services and support isn’t always the best. I’m not sure how to complain and get better services and support.
  • After: Case management agencies must have a clear process for you to complain and request a new case manager. 
  • Now: I’ve heard from other people on HCBS waiver services that they get better or worse case management than I do from another case management agency. Why does that happen? 
  • After: With fewer case management agencies to manage, the Department of Health Care Policy and Financing (HCPF) can play a more active role in overseeing the services you get and make sure that your case management needs and goals are met.

Case management services will grow with your child

  • Now: I’m a parent of a child with a disability and I worry about what will happen to my child when they age out of one program or waiver and have to transition to another case management agency for adult programs.
  • After: Your child can receive all the services they need with the same case management agency. They can transition to adult services without the disruption of finding a new case management agency. 

Informational Videos


Long-Term Care Rights and Responsibilities

Long-Term Care Rights and Responsibilities - Spanish Video

Notice of Action and Appeal Process

Notice of Action and Appeal Process - Spanish Video


Interactive Future CMA Map

Note: Current Single Entry Point Agencies (SEPs) and Community Centered Boards (CCBs) will be transitioning to the new agencies in the map below (when applicable) beginning August 1, 2023, through June 30, 2024 in three (3) separate phases. For more information see Informational Memo IM 23-024.