MES Integration Data and Alignment (MIDA)

The MES Integration Data and Alignment Division (MIDA) within the Department was established in 2019 to ensure that vendor transitions, modular procurements, data conversion, and current data sharing partners were successful in exchanging data files, data that was received is what was expected, and no disruptions to Health First Colorado members, providers, stakeholders, and staff when introducing new vendors, technology, models, or data into the Health First Colorado environment.

The MIDA Division released a MIDA ITN in September 2021 to procure a vendor who will lead the modular MES implementations in Colorado and ensure data is converted, mapped, modeled, and integrated on time and on budget. Additionally, this vendor will bring tools, technology, and experience to provide governance, and process to share data, and implement new tools to reduce workload for Health First Colorado. Also known as a System integrator, vendors that apply to this ITN can expect to directly engage with Department subject matter experts and discuss:

  • Data Governance experience
  • Tools to assist in managing data interfaces
  • Technology solutions for Single Sign On (SSO)
  • Operational Data Store
  • Electronic Data Interchange (EDI)
Date Milestone
September 10, 2021 ITN Release
September 24, 2021 Questions Due 
October 22, 2021 Proposals Due
November 2021 - August 2022

Evaluation and Negotiation

November 2022

Estimated Contract Execution

November 2022 - June 2024 Transition Period / DDI

These dates are estimates and subject to change

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