Enterprise Solutions Integrator (ESI)

In 2019, the Department of Health Care Policy & Financing (HCPF) created the ESI Division within the Health Information Office to oversee modularity of new modules and data integration activities across the Colorado Medicaid Enterprise Solution (CMES) ecosystem. The ESI Division collaborates with staff across the Department and contract vendor staff to ensure data models, interface files, Application Program Interfaces (API), data workflows, and data governance adheres to State and Federal standards and industry best practices. 

In November 2022, HCPF executed the Enterprise Solutions Integrator (ESI) contract with Ernst & Young (EY) to support HCPF's efforts to move to modular solutions that address specific functionality and provide best in breed technology.

Why does HCPF need an ESI? 

  1. Develop a strategy to achieve HCPF's modularity vision  
  2. Define and maintain data and integration governance across the CMES   
  3. Use application programming interfaces (APIs) for near to real time data exchange 
  4. Ensure successful module implementations across the Medicaid Ecosystem

The Solutions Integration Platform will deliver and support the exchange of APIs and data and interface files across the CMES to provide trusted, accurate data to all integrated systems to operate with a maximum efficiency. The work of the ESI Division and Contractor will ensure the CMES systems and contractors collaborate to achieve operational excellence. 

Date Milestone

November 9, 2022

Contract Executed

November 2022 through December 2023

Phase 1: MES Integration Assessment & Strategic Planning
November 2023 through December 2024 Phase 2: Design Development & Implementation (DDI) of the ESI Integration Platform
November 2024 through March 2028 Phase 3: Maintenance and Operations and Module Integration to Execute ESI Strategic Planning

These dates are estimates and subject to change

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