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Find information and tools for the implementation of an EVV Solution for either State EVV Solution or Provider Choice Systems.


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State EVV Solution

If you have chosen to use the State EVV Solution, this section will provide information and tools for your implementation. If you would prefer to use the Provider Choice System, you can visit the Provider Choice Systems section below.

For general information about the requirement for Electronic Visit Verification (EVV), visit our EVV Overview page

Tools for State EVV Solution

Credential Access (eTrac)

Provider Portal Access

Download the Sandata Mobile Connect - SMC (Sandata EVV Caregiver App)  |  For iPhone  |  For Android

State EVV Solution Readiness Checklist

  1. Sign up and complete training (See Training Section below)
  2. Receive credentials to your email address 
  3. Share information about EVV technology and training with employees and members
  4. Begin having your caregivers record visits for services that require an EVV
  • Optional: Create schedules for your employees
    • The Scheduling Module is an optional feature in the State EVV Solution
    • Allows agencies to provide caregivers with their upcoming visit schedule
    • Allows caregivers using the mobile application to select from available schedules
    • Allows the agency to communicate in advance with members for upcoming services
    • Provides benefit to agencies that currently do not have a scheduling system
    • Allows proactive alerting of missed or late service visits

Training for the State Solution

Register for State Solution Provider Training - This training is intended for State Solution Providers ONLY and all registration information will be verified prior to the training. Colorado CODE: coevvprovider

This training is intended for State EVV Solution Providers ONLY and all registration information will be verified prior to the training.

  • Training is free and mandatory
  • Credentials for the State EVV System or Data Aggregator release within two days of training completion
  • Department's EVV vendor offering Train-the-Trainer model for agencies
  • Self-paced training is for providers using the State EVV Solution and providers using an alternate EVV system

Training Resources

EVV Technologies

The Department has subcontracted with Sandata Technologies for the State EVV Solution. The State Solution utilizes three EVV technologies: mobile application (MVV), telephony (TVV), and a provider web portal.

Mobile Application Verification (MVV)

  • A GPS enabled mobile application downloaded on a smartphone or tablet from the Google Play store (Android) or App store (iOS)
  • Collects location when a caregiver clocks-in/clocks-out (No continual location reporting)
  • Caregivers log in with unique Sandata ID or email address
  • Available in English, Spanish, Somali, Russian, Chinese Mandarin, and Arabic Egyptian
  • The Department does not provide technology to utilize MVV
  • State EVV Solution application will work in rural areas or telephony can be used
  • MVV will automatically switch to Disconnected Mode when smartphone or tablet is not connected to a network
  • EVV data will be saved for a later transmission when the caregiver logs-in and network connectivity (cellular or wi-fi) is established

Telephony Visit Verification (TVV)

  • Each provider ID has two toll-free, multi-language numbers that will be provided by Sandata upon receiving credentials
  • Both numbers are accessible 24 hours a day, 7 days a week
  • Non-GPS option
  • Client phone is preferred for TVV, but not required
  • Member identified by Sandata Client ID
  • Caregivers identified by Sandata ID

Provider Portal

  • Used to view visits and perform visit maintenance (addressing exceptions and errors), manual entries, and administrative tasks.


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Provider Choice System

If you have chosen to use a Provider Choice System, this section will provide information and tools for your implementation. By selecting a Provider Choice System, you will contract with a vendor of your choice. If you would prefer to use the State EVV Solution, you can visit the State EVV Solution section above.

Here is a list of vendors who have interfaced with Sandata in Colorado or other states. Interface time may be reduced by choosing a vendor from this list. If you select a vendor from the Vendors who have connected to Sandata list, this means they have already connected to Sandata in Colorado before and precludes you from interface testing. This means you can request production credentials for the data aggregator and don’t need to set up or perform interface testing. The Department does not endorse any vendor or recommend using a vendor from this list.

For general information about the requirement for Electronic Visit Verification (EVV), visit our EVV Overview page

Tools for EVV Provider System

Vendor Access (eTrac)

Data Aggregator Access (Read Only)

Provider Choice System Readiness Checklist

  1. Choose a Vendor
    • Choose a vendor to contract with. See our list of vendors for more details if you have not yet chosen a vendor.
    • Review technical specifications with your selected vendor:
      • Technical Specifications Documents
        As part of the Colorado Choice EVV program, providers who will be utilizing a third-party EVV vendor will receive two documents with instructions for interfacing with the Sandata Aggregator and are encouraged to review them:
      • Additional Resources
  2. Provider Choice User Training for the Aggregator
  3. Setup Interface Testing with Sandata
    • You and your selected vendor reach out to Sandata to begin Interface process
      • We recommend you email the Sandata call center and your vendor together for easier tracking
      • Sandata Call Center contact information: 844-289-4246 or coaltevv@sandata.com
      • For general questions, contact Sandata at CoCustomerCare@sandata.com
    • Sandata will create an account to support testing
    • Sandata will send a testing guide and checklist to your selected vendor
  4. Interface Testing
    • Test files will be uploaded and checklist completed by your selected vendor
    • If unsuccessful, the checklist will be marked with erroneous files and scenarios and sent back
      • Your selected vendor will correct and errors and resubmit the checklist until all errors and corrected
  5. Production
    • Your selected vendor and Sandata both confirm testing is successfully completed
    • Sandata requests a Go Live date from you
      • Go Live date is the date you choose to begin using your Provider Choice System
    • Sandata sends credentials to you



For questions using State EVV Solution, interfacing Provider Choice Systems, Sandata trainings, EVV accounts

Phone: 855-871-8780
Email: cocustomercare@sandata.com


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