Electronic Visit Verification Contacts

Pathway Method Purpose Prepare Before
Expected Initial
Response Time
Provider Services Call Center 1-844-235-2387 Provider billing or claims processing questions

Review EVV Program Manual section:

Provider Medicaid ID, ICN, and Visit ID information

As soon as connected

EVV Help Desk

1-855-871-8780 / COCustomerCare@sandata.com

Using State EVV Solution, interfacing Provider Choice Systems, Sandata trainings, EVV accounts

Nothing needed

Phone: As soon as connected 

Email: within two business days



Department approval of Live-in Caregiver exemption, Policy and Program answers, Escalations from other support methods

Live-in Caregiver Documentation for review, Help Desk documentation (Call number, who you talked to, etc.)

Within a week

Stakeholder Feedback

Complete EVV Feedback Form
OR contact
Jillian Estes, EVV Policy Advisor
303-866-2741 or 720-273-6967
Mon-Fri 8 a.m. - 4 p.m.

Members, caregivers, and stakeholders can provide the Department with feedback
related to EVV, i.e. website, technical issues, systems issues, general questions, or comments
Nothing needed

Within a week

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