Appendix C


Prior Authorization and Review Agencies
The ColoradoPAR Program
Administered by Keystone Peer Review Organization (Kepro)
Email Addresses
Provider Issues Email:
Provider Training Registration Email:
Department   Telephone Numbers
Kepro Customer Service Line   720 689-6340
Kepro Provider Fax Line   (800) 922-3508 (toll free)
Colorado Department of Health Care Policy & Financing
1570 Grant Street
Denver, CO 80203
Regional Accountable Entities
The Mental Health Program is operated statewide. The state is divided into seven (7) service areas. In each area the program is managed by a different Regional Accountable Entity (RAE), formerly called MHASA.

Visit the Accountable Care Collaborative web page for the chart that contains contact information for the RAEs.
Dental PARs
Administered by DentaQuest
Mailing Address   DentaQuest- CO
PO BOX 2906
Milwaukee, WI 53201-2906
DentaQuest Providers Services:
Department   Telephone Numbers
DentaQuest PAR Provider Line Customer Service   855-225-1731
Fiscal Agent
Gainwell Technologies
P.O. Box 30
Denver, CO 80202
Department   Telephone Numbers
Provider Services Call Center   1-844-235-2387

Appendix C Revisions Log

Revision Date Appendix Made by
12/01/2016 Updated for new Fiscal Agent HPE (now Gainwell)
1/10/2017 Updates based on Colorado iC Stage II Provider Billing Manual Comment Log v0_3.xlsx HPE (now Gainwell)
1/26/2017 Updates based on Department 1/20/2017 approval email HPE (now Gainwell)
5/22/2017 Updates based on Fiscal Agent name change from HPE to DXC Gainwell
6/25/2018 Updated BHO to RAE Gainwell
6/7/2022 Converted PDF to web page HCPF