Colorado Prior Authorization Request Program (ColoradoPAR)

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What is the Colorado Prior Authorization Request Program?

Acentra administers the Department of Health Care Policy & Financing (the Department) fee-for-service Utilization Management (UM) program for select outpatient benefits, services, supplies, out-of-state inpatient hospital services, the Inpatient Hospital Review Program (IHRP), and select Physician Administered Drugs (PADs) under the umbrella of ColoradoPAR Program.

Through a competitive Invitation to Negotiate process, the Department selected Acentra (formerly Kepro) to administer the fee-for-service UM program for outpatient benefits, services and supplies, out-of-state inpatient services and the Inpatient Hospital Review Program, under the umbrella of the ColoradoPAR program.

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Contact Information


Contact Information

Acentra Provider ContactsRegistration Technical Issuescoproviderregistration@acentra.com
 Registration for Acentra‚Äôs Provider Portal, Atrezzocoproviderregistration@acentra.com
 Questions for UM vendor or PAR process coproviderregistration@acentra.com
 Acentra Customer Service Line(720) 689-6340
 Acentra Provider Fax Line(800) 922-3508 (toll free)
For an escalated concern or issueAcentra's Provider Inbox first coproviderissue@accentra.com
 If Acentra is unable to address the concern or issue, please escalate your email to the UM InboxHCPF_UM@state.co.us
HCPF ContactsHCPF Policy questions or assistancehcpf_benefitsupport@state.co.us
 For questions about the PDN Rule and/or PDN Benefit or Policy, please contact the Office of Community Living PDN Benefit Management Teamhomehealth@state.co.us
 Home Health questionshomehealth@state.co.us
Other Vendor ContactsGainwellProvider Contacts
 RAEsProvider Contacts
 Delta DentalProvider Contacts
 Intelliride (NEMT and NMT)Provider Contacts
 Child Health Plan Plus (CHP+)Provider Contacts
 Case ManagementProvider Contacts
IHRPA request for assistance can be escalated via emailHCPF_IHRP_ACC@state.com
Member Contact Center (800) 221-3943 / State Relay: 711