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Here all Benefits Utilization System (BUS) and Bridge users can stay up-to-date on current BUS and Bridge updates and information. There are related contacts, announcements and known issues for all of your BUS and Bridge needs. Common BUS and Bridge users are Case Management Agencies and Regional Accountable Entities (RAE).

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BUS Technical Issues: Josie Guida
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BUS Announcements

10/13/2021 - The BUS will only work with Microsoft Internet Explorer.  Please DO NOT use Microsoft Edge or Google Chrome with the BUS.  Your BUS password management will not work with any other internet browser other than Microsoft Internet Explorer.

Agencies can create a shortcut for Microsoft Internet Explorer from its file location.C:\Program Files\Internet Explorer\  the file to open Microsoft Internet Explorer is iexplore.exe.  Staff can also create a shortcut that opens the BUS straight away with Microsoft Internet Explorer using the following target. "C:\Program Files\Internet Explorer\iexplore.exe"


10/06/2021 The issue with secure messaging is resolved

The previous secured messages sent prior to 12 pm on 10/06/2021, will need to be viewed in the BUS by following the instructions below to see the CIRS.

What can you do until this is resolved?

Case Managers: When a case manager logs onto the BUS they will need to select the “Case Manager Quick Links” hyperlink on the top left of the User landing page. Next, select “Critical Incident Reports” from the Alerts section. Look at the Case Manager CIR Worklist table under the HCPF Review Entered column to see if any action is needed by the case manager for each CIR listed.

Agency Administrators: Agency Administrators can go to the CIRS Administrator Reports page and run a CIRS report using the “Follow Up” radio button option. This will pull a report for the Agency that lists all the CIRS that have been reviewed by the Department and a Follow Up request has been issued asking for additional information needed to complete/resolve the CIR.



The Department has made changes to the BUS to facilitate accurate reporting of Critical Incidents. COVID-19 is now available as a selection under the Illness/Injury type on the BUS Critical Incident Screen. This option should be used when the client has a presumptive or confirmed positive case of COVID-19. When notified that a member has a presumptive or confirmed positive case of COVID-19, the case manager shall perform the following activities:

  • Review the member's services and coordinate necessary changes to assist the member during their illness.
  • Notify the service providers performing in person contact with the member to utilize necessary precautions to limit exposure.
  • Perform follow up monitoring with the member during their illness to determine if their needs are being met and coordinate service changes that may be required. Document this action in the BUS under CIR Follow Up.
  • The Operational Memo can be found above by clicking on the BUS Memos button.
    Questions regarding this guidance can be sent to

The 3rd Party System User Access Request Form was updated on 8/13/2019. Please use the link below for the most up-to-date form for your access applications.

A new email box has been designated for 3rd Party User Access Forms. For all BUS and Bridge applications, please send to:

This includes New Users, Modifications, Revocations, and Reinstatements.

The Benefits Utilization System (BUS) is designed to work with Internet Explorer. The BUS performs best with versions 10 & 11. It is not recommended users access the BUS with other browsers, such as Chrome, Firefox, or Safari. If you do access the BUS using a browser, other than Internet Explorer, you will likely find some of the functionality does not work correctly.

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Bridge Announcements

**July 9, 2019**

Once you receive your Bridge ID and temporary password, please log in and create a permanent user password. Once this new password has been created, please email

with your user ID and your agency name so you can begin seeing clients attributed to your agency.


The Department of Health Care Policy & Financing (the Department) and its fiscal agent, DXC Technology (DXC) uses the email software Constant Contact to communicate with stakeholders.

The Department sends many program and policy related newsletters through various subscription lists. You can sign up for Department emails here.

DXC sends information related to the Colorado interChange, Bridge and other billing information. DXC also sends the monthly provider bulletin and a weekly provider newsletter. You can sign up for DXC emails, by provider type (select case manager for news on the Bridge) here.

If you receive emails you no longer wish to receive, simply click unsubscribe at the bottom of the email. You will be able to see all active subscriptions and modify which emails you wish to receive. You can follow this protocol for both Department and DXC publications.



Need access? Need to change your access? We now have one form for everything. Click the link below and send completed forms to
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