Private Duty Nursing

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The Private Duty Nursing (PDN) program provides skilled nursing services on a continuous basis to Health First Colorado members in their place of residence. A plan of care as ordered by the attending physician is developed by the Home Health agency. The plan of care is reviewed periodically by the physician.


Update: April 2023

The administrative approval process has ended effective April 2, 2023 for all except a small number of members.

Review Informational Memos IM 23-009 and IM 23-010

Private Duty Nursing FAQ page

PAR Approval and Denial Rates - December 2023

PAR Step Down Process


Who Qualifies?

Health First Colorado Members who*:

  • Require continuous skilled nursing services and meet medical necessity and criteria 
  • Are not residing in a nursing facility or hospital at the time PDN services are delivered
  • Are technology dependent 
  • Have a care plan developed by their physician
  • Are able to be safely served in their home by a home health agency under the agency requirements and limitations of the PDN benefit and with the staff services available

* = Not an exhaustive list for eligibility 

Benefits and Services

  • Skilled Nursing Services (provided by a Registered Nurse or Licensed Practical Nurse)
  • All Private Duty Nursing services must be prior authorized

PDN Rule Review

PDN Stakeholder Engagement Meetings

Listening Log - Updated February 16, 2024 - Tracks stakeholder engagement, feedback, and Department responses

January 11, 2024

October 26, 2023

October 3, 2023

August 31, 2023

June 29, 2023

April 27, 2023

February 23, 2023

November 10, 2022

  • Webinar Recording
    • Description: This information session is for members and families, it will include the content covered in the first session with additional updates from the question and answer session.

November 1, 2022

  • Webinar Recording
    • Description: This information session is geared towards families and includes an overview of recent updates to Private Duty Nursing, addressed frequent questions about the Temporary Administrative Approval process, and provides time for a question and answer period.

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Email: HomeHealth@state.co.us