Local Government Communications

Welcome to the Local Government Communications page. Here you will find written communications from the Department of Health Care Policy and Financing to local government agencies including county departments of human/social services, county commissioners, local public health agencies, and other partners. For more information regarding local government relations, reach out to the County Relations inbox.

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Important!  The COVID Resources for County and Eligibility Partners is a resource center for Health First Colorado and CHP+ County and Eligibility sites that may have questions about COVID-19. 

County Director Updates

County Director Updates to directors, Policy Advisory Committee and Sub-Policy Advisory Committee members before each meeting. In February 2020, the Department stopped issuing monthly "PAC Updates" and began issuing monthly "County Director Updates."

Older Communications

County Connections Newsletters

News relevant to counties goes out on the 20th of each month. Sign up for County Connections here.

Monthly Notice: Memo Series Communications Issued

Monthly notice of Memo series communications issued goes out on the 5th of each month to County Directors and Deputy/Secondary directors. See all Memo Series Communications.

Department Publications

HCPF Publications includes the Department's annual reports, Governor's State of Health, and other Department publications, including At a Glance monthly newsletter, which provides information on major initiatives including policy changes and program updates.