Ensuring Full Continuum SUD Benefits - Managed Care Entities

Managed Care Entities

The Accountable Care Collaborative has eight Managed Care Entities (MCEs), seven Regional Accountable Entities (RAEs), and one Managed Care Organization (MCO). They are responsible for providing oversight of SUD services covered under the behavioral health capitation. The MCEs contract with providers to deliver services to members, manage the authorization processes and process payments provided under the capitation. MCEs contract with providers to offer behavioral heath services (Including SUD services) to members, within their geographic area whenever possible and with providers in other parts of the state when there are not available providers enrolled with Health First Colorado in the region. For certain specialty types of care such as Youth Residential Services and Special Connections (services for pregnant and postpartum individuals) the number of providers in the state is small and RAEs may be contracted for services with providers outside of their region.

Regional Accountable Entities

Learn more about the seven RAEs contracted with the Department to serve Health First Colorado members, what areas each one covers and links to their websites.

RAE #1 - Rocky Mountain Health Plans https://www.rmhp.org/
RAE #2 - Northeast Health Partners https://www.northeasthealthpartners.org/
RAE #3 - Colorado Access http://www.coaccess.com
RAE #4 - Health Colorado, Inc https://www.healthcoloradorae.com/
RAE #5 - Colorado Access http://www.coaccess.com
RAE #6 - Colorado Community Health Alliance http://www.cchacares.com
RAE #7 - Colorado Community Health Alliance http://www.cchacares.com

Locating SUD Providers

In addition to the SUD Provider Network Map, a printer-friendly version of the SUD Provider Network is also available in list format.

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Monthly RAE Forums are held the first Monday of each month, 10:00-11:00 a.m. (by invitation)

Questions about attending? Contact Jennifer Holcomb at Jennifer.Holcomb@state.co.us

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