Provider Web Portal Quick Guide - Copy, Adjust, or Void a Claim

Last updated: 10/23/2023
  1. Log in to the Provider Web Portal.
  2. Click Claims → Search Claims
    claims - search claims
  3. Use the Search Claims tool to find the claim(s) to be copied, adjusted or voided.
    service information section of Search Claims screen
    Denied or suspended claims cannot be adjusted.
  4. Review the Search Results and select the desired claim.

    Click the + sign next to a Claim ID for more detail.

    selecting desired claim

    Claim details will display as shown below:

    claim details

  5. Select the claim to be copied, voided or adjusted.

    Once the appropriate claim is selected, click on the Claim ID to open the claim.

    selecting claim to be copied, voided, or adjusted

  6. Scroll to the bottom of the page.
    CAVstep6.jpg (624×407)
  7. At bottom of page, click "Adjust," "Copy," "Void," etc.
    select desired action at bottom of page
  8. Remove service detail lines from copied claims as needed.

    After clicking the "Copy" button in the previous step, select which portions should be copied. Not all options will copy over the claim details unless "Entire Claim" is selected from the options below. Once selections have been made, click "Copy."

    Service detail lines cannot be removed for reconsiderations or for adjusted claims.

    copy feature

  9. After clicking the "Copy" button in the previous step, review the service details which appear on the next page. Click "Remove" to remove detail lines which are not applicable (however, at least one service detail line must be retained, otherwise the claim cannot be submitted). Additional service details can be added using the "Add" button.
    review service details
  10. Resume claim submission using the standard process.

    Refer to the Submitting an Institutional Claim Quick Guide and Submitting a Professional Claim Quick Guide for further details.


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