Provider Web Portal Quick Guide - Linking the TPID and Pulling an 835

Last updated: 10/01/2020

If a provider has a Trading Partner ID (TPID), the TPID can be linked to the Provider Web Portal account.

  • If planning to use the TPID to send and receive files (including the 835) for one unique location (one Provider Web Portal registration), follow the instructions in this sheet.

Note: A TPID is needed to pull an 835 (because it is an X12 HIPAA compliant file). The Remittance Advice (RA) can be pulled without a TPID, but not an 835.

If a TPID is not available, follow these instructions to enroll as a Trading Partner.


Linking a TPID to a Provider Web Portal Account

  1. Log into the Provider Web Portal.
  2. Click My Profile.
    my profile link on home page
  3. Click Add Role under My Profile.
    Add role link
  4. Select Provider Trading Partners from the drop-down, enter the Trading Partner ID and Trading Partner Name, then click Submit.
    choose Provider Trading Partner, TPID, name, and submit
  5. Click OK to close the confirmation box.
    close confirmation box
  6. Go back to the Provider Web Portal home page and click Manage Accounts.
    Manage Accounts link on homepage
  7. Click the Link Registered Trading Partner ID for X12 Reports tab.
    tab for Link Registered Trading Partner
  8. Click the Link My Trading Partner ID checkbox.

    The Trading Partner ID will pre-populate into the Trading Partner ID field.

    Link My Trading Partner ID

  9. Click Validate Trading Partner.
    validate trading partner button
  10. Check the boxes next to the reports to upload or download as the Trading Partner (only the reports that passed testing will show) and click Submit.
    check the boxes next to the reports to up-or-download as the trading partner
  11. Click Confirm.
    confirm button
  12. Click OK to close the confirmation box.
    close the information box


Pull an 835 (or other X12 Report)

  1. From the Provider Web Portal home page, click Files Exchange > Download Files.

    If the TPID was just linked, the Files Exchange tab may not appear. Log out and back in.

    File exchange - download files links

  2. Select whether to download a new file or a previously downloaded file in the File Status drop-down, then select the file type in the Category drop-down and set the date range.
    screenshot of file download page
  3. Click the link for the file to download.
    click the link for file download
  4. Click Open or Save for the downloaded file.

    Depending on browser and/or computer set-up, the screen may not look exactly like the image below.

    prompt for download screenshot


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