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Last updated: 05/16/2024

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Log in to the Provider Web Portal and click Provider Maintenance.

provider maintenance link on homepage


Click Provider Maintenance again.

provider maintenance link


Add a Specialty

Click the Specialty and Contact Information Changes link to add a new specialty.

provider maintenance and specialty page


Click the [+] next to Click to add a specialty to access the drop-down menu.

access the specialty drop-down


Select the specialty.

specialty drop-down


Add the effective and end dates. A unique taxonomy is usually required for each specialty.

Taxonomies are not required for provider types that do not require a National Provider Identifier (NPI). Some Home and Community-Based Services (HCBS) providers may enter a taxonomy. A list will display possible taxonomies if they are available.

List of possible taxonomies

A list of taxonomies will not display if they are not required.

Taxonomies will not display


Click Add to add the specialty and/or taxonomy. Click Reset to remove the information.

Click add or reset


Confirm that the new taxonomy appears on the list.

Confirm new taxonomy appears on the list


Multiple specialties may be added. Once all specialties have been added, click Go to Submit at the bottom of the page. This opens the Attachments and Fees section.

Click submit

Add any required attachments.

add attachments


Check the I accept box, enter the name of the person reporting the change, and click the Submit button.

accept and submit

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Address Changes

Update Address

Click Address Changes, then click the + next to the address being changed.

Provider address panel showing expanded checkboxes.

Edit the information and click Save.

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Update Phone or Fax Number

Phone numbers and/or fax numbers may be updated in the Address Change Panel.

Click the + next to the address type. Multiple phone numbers and fax numbers may be added. An office phone number is required for each address.

Edit the phone numbers and click Save.

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Provider Directory Changes

Provider directory changes can only be done in the Service Location.

Provider address panel showing opt out provider directory

Edit the address information, check or uncheck the applicable checkboxes, and click Save.

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Update Bed Counts (Assisted Care Facilities, Hospitals and Substance Use Disorder Facilities)

Click Other Information Changes in the menu bar.

Other Information panel

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Assisted Care Facilities

Assisted Care Facility providers may enter new bed information in the Institutional Bed Information Panel. Effective and End Date fields must be completed for the information to be valid. Update information in bed number fields to reflect the provider’s current license. Complete all fields in the skilled bed row or all fields in the Intermediate Care Facility (ICF) bed row as applicable to the provider.

Institutional Bed Information

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Hospital providers may enter new inpatient bed information in the Institutional Bed Information Panel. All fields must be completed for the information to be valid.

Hospital Institutional Bed Information

Substance use disorder bed information panel.

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Substance Use Disorder (SUD) Facilities

Substance Use Disorder (SUD) providers may update the number of beds available at their service location. SUD providers must edit the existing bed number prior to adding a new bed number and there can be only one active row.

Update the existing bed number end date prior to adding a new bed number. To update an existing bed number, scroll to the active row displaying 12/31/2299. Expand the row by clicking the + at the left. Enter the end date for the current count and click the Save button.

Substance use disorder bed information panel showing how to add new bed number.

To add a new bed number, scroll past the rows shown to the text Click to collapse. Expand the row by clicking the + at the left.  Fill out the information in the blanks. To erase the content in all fields, click Reset. Verify all data is correct, then click Add.

Note: The effective date of the new bed count cannot start on or before the end date of the previous entry.

Add required information

A new row will now be added to the grid.

Substance use disorder bed information panel showing changes that have been made.

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Click Group Affiliation Changes.

To add a group/business affiliation to an individual’s enrollment, click the + next to Click to add Group Affiliation.

Screenshot of the Provider Maintenance Group Affiliation panel in the Provider Web Portal


Click the magnifying glass to search for a group/business.

Screenshot of magnifying glass icon next to Group Name


Search for the group/business to affiliate to by NPI, Provider ID, Name or Organization.

search button


Click the Provider ID for the provider group to which to affiliate and ensure it is the correct location.

Click provider ID


Choose the effective date for the affiliation, then click Add.

Choose effective date for affiliation


Continue to add additional group/business affiliations as needed.

additional group and business affiliations


To end an affiliation, fill in the end date of the affiliation and click Save. The process is the same for both individuals and groups/businesses.

adding end date to remove affiliation


Check the box to confirm affiliations have been reviewed. Click the links on the left side to edit other pieces of provider information or click Go to Submit to submit all changes.

Screenshot of Group Affiliations panel and button at bottom right for Go To Submit


Attach any supporting documentation (if applicable), complete required fields, and click Submit.

attaching supporting documentation


Retain the tracking number.

tracking number

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Update Disclosure Names

Effective May 26, 2021, the name field on the Disclosure A and Disclosure D panels of the Provider Web Portal was updated to allow an Organization Name and an individual name to be entered separately. Existing providers must review and update the Disclosures panel during their next Provider Maintenance request or as part of the Revalidation application.

Providers performing a Provider Maintenance update will see the following error on the Attachments and Submit Panel upon clicking Submit if the Disclosure panels have not been updated.

DisclosureError-01102024_0.jpg (731×329)


To resolve the error, click the Disclosure Changes link, which navigates the user to the Provider Maintenance: Disclosure Panel. Disclosures requiring an update will be in a Pending status.

Pending Disclosure


Select a pending disclosure. The current information on record will be reflected in the applicable field(s). Update the Organization Name and/or First Name, MI, and Last Name, then click Add.

Disclosure A


Disclosure B

Once all pending disclosures have been updated, click Submit to complete the maintenance request.

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Update Malpractice or Liability Insurance

Click Other Information Changes.

Providers must maintain an up-to-date record of their malpractice or liability insurance policy with Health First Colorado. Providers can update and submit their most recent insurance information using the Insurance Panel.

Fill the blanks and click Add.

required fields for Malpractice and General Liability Insurance

Most providers are not required to submit a copy of the insurance documentation. Exceptions to this include Provider Types 20-Nursing Facility, 21-Nursing Facility-ICF/IID and 36-Home and Community-Based Services Waiver, which are required to submit current insurance policy documentation.

Once the information is entered, click the Attachments and Submit link, attach the supporting documentation, complete required fields, and click Submit.

Note: Users with the Fingerprinting Panel are always directed to the Fingerprint Panel before being allowed to go to the Attachments and Submit Panel.

fingerprint panel

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Check the Status of an Update Request

Click the Provider Maintenance Status link.

provider maintenance status link

Enter the Tracking Number for the update request, and click Search.

enter tracking number

View Status details.



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