FY 2021-22 Children's Basic Health Plan Exhibits

Submitted on November 1, 2020.

CBHP Narrative

Table of Contents

Exhibit C1

Calculations of Current Total Long Bill Group Impact

Exhibit C2

Calculations of Fund Splits, Cash Fund Report, Disallowance Repayment Schedule

Exhibit C3

CBHP Expenditure Summary

Exhibit C4

CBHP Caseload by Fiscal Year, Caseload by Month, Capitation Payments Per Capita Historical Summary, Historical Expenditure Summary

Exhibit C5

CBHP Trust Fund Population, Hospital Provider Fee Population, Enrollment Fees

Exhibit C6

Expenditure Calculations by Eligibility Category, Incurred But Not Reported Runout by Fiscal Period, Incurred But Not Reported Expenditures by Fiscal Period

Exhibit C7

Bottom Line Impact Summary, Bottom Line Impact Calculations

Exhibit C8

CBHP Retroactivity Adjustments, Claims Distribution Adjustment Multiplier

Exhibit C9

CBHP Capitation Rate Trends and Forecasts

Exhibit C10

Forecast Model Comparisons, Capitation Trend Models, Final Forecasts