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Early Intervention Services (EI)

Early Intervention Services provides developmental supports and services to children birth to three (3) years of age* who have either a significant developmental delay or a diagnosed condition that has a high probability of resulting in a developmental delay and are determined to be eligible for the program.

*Some children remain in early intervention until Preschool Special Education services begin

Targeted Case Management (TCM) Services are provided through the Community Centered Boards (CCB) for children actively enrolled in Early Intervention Services program and Health First Colorado (Colorado's Medicaid program).

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Allowable Early Intervention Services

General Definition

Allowable Early Intervention Services are those services that are:

  • Designed to meet the developmental needs of an infant or toddler with a significant developmental delay or the needs of the family related to enhancing the infant's or toddler's development,
  • Selected in collaboration with the infant's or toddler's family,
  • Provided in conformity with an Individualized Family Service Plan (IFSP),
  • Based on appropriate evidence-based practices and related to functional outcomes,
  • Provided under public supervision to assure, through monitoring, that services are provided in accordance with these requirements,
  • Provided by qualified personnel as defined in Colorado's Part C State Plan,
  • Provided in the natural environments of the infant or toddler and the family including the family's home and/or community settings in which infants and toddlers without disabilities participate, unless otherwise justified on the IFSP, and
  • Provided in a culturally relevant manner, including the use of an interpreter if needed.

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Role of Service Providers

All Early Intervention service providers are responsible for:

  • Consulting with parents, service coordinators, other service providers and representatives of other community agencies where the infant or toddler participates to ensure the effective provision and coordination of Early Intervention Services,
  • Billing Health First Colorado appropriately for services rendered when the service is a benefit of Health First Colorado.
  • Completing all required Prior Authorization requests for Health First Colorado covered services in a timely manner,
  • Collaborating with service coordinators when recommending referrals for other professional services.

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Allowable Early Intervention Providers

Community Centered Boards (CCBs) can become billing agents, if they choose, for EI service providers. The Department of Health Care Policy & Financing (the Department) does not regulate who can act in the capacity of billing agent. To bill a fee-for-service code, the provider must be approved to provide that service.

Once the provider has provided a service, the billing agent can bill using the rendering provider's Health First Colorado NPI number in both the billing and rendering fields. The CCBs cannot pay additional money to the providers for the service that they are billing Health First Colorado for (e.g., if the reimbursement for a code is $60 from Health First Colorado and the CCB generally pays $75 to non-Health First Colorado providers, they can't pay the $15 difference to the provider). When a provider signs up to become a Health First Colorado provider, he/she signs a contract agreeing to accept the Health First Colorado payment for the services he/she bills. However, if the CCB wants to pay for additional services not covered by Health First Colorado, such as transportation to and/or from the member's house that is up to each CCB and provider to decide between them.

Health First Colorado does not regulate who can fill out the provider application. CCB staff can choose to fill out the Health First Colorado application for providers. The provider is still responsible for reading the application and signing it.

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Targeted Case Management (TCM)

Targeted Case Management is an optional Health First Colorado benefit for members who have been determined by a CCB to have a developmental disability and are actively enrolled in Early Intervention Services. The purpose of case management is:

  • Facilitate Enrollment
  • Service Plan Development
  • Service Monitoring
  • Coordination of Services/Benefits which include but is not limited to: Educational, Mental Health, Emotional, Social, Medical
  • Ensure Non-Duplication of Services

These activities include, but are not limited to:

  • Locating, coordinating, and monitoring needed developmental disabilities services,
  • Coordinating with other non-developmental disabilities funded services to ensure non-duplication of services, and
  • Monitoring the effective and efficient provision of services across multiple funding sources.

Activities will not:

  • Restrict members to a limited provider set. Members may choose any willing Health First Colorado provider for Health First Colorado services.
  • Limit case management services provided in a manner consistent with the member's best interest.
  • Be used to restrict a member's access to other services.
  • Compel members to receive case management services.
  • Be used as a reason for case managers to deny other State Plan services.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)  

Is a physician’s prescription required in order to bill the T1026 code for EI evaluations conducted for children enrolled in Medicaid?

  • No, a physician’s prescription is not required in order to bill T1026 for EI evaluations conducted for children.

Do providers need to bill primary insurers before they bill Medicaid?

  • Yes. Please note that Health First Colorado is the payor of last resort. If a member has primary health coverage through a third party, such as a commercial or individual policy, the member must utilize that primary third-party coverage prior to utilizing Medicaid services (10 CCR § 2505-10:8.061.4). If a member fails to comply with the primary health coverage requirements, the member will be liable to the provider for the health services and Medicaid will not be liable (§ 8.061.5, C.R.S. § 25.5-4-301(1)(a)(III)(A)).
  • If a provider who is not enrolled into the member's primary health coverage knowingly provides health services to a Medicaid member, neither the member nor Medicaid will be liable for the costs of services unless the member and the provider entered into a written agreement in which the member agrees to pay for items provided or services rendered that are outside of the network or plan protocols (C.R.S. § 25.5-4-301(1)(a)(III)(B)).

What are the allowed Place of Service (POS) codes for EI evaluations?

  • The current allowed POS codes for EI evaluations are: 02, 10, 11, 12, 20

Will use of EI codes require Electronic Visit Verification (EVV)?

When billing for an EI Evaluation using the code T1026, what fields must be completed when billing?

  • The Order, Prescribing, and Rendering (OPR) provider must be present, along with two separate National Provider Identifier (NPI) numbers.

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Billable Activities

Comprehensive Assessment and Periodic Reassessment

  • Determine need for: Medical, Educational, Social, or other EI Services

Service Plan Development based on information collected through assessment

  • Specifies goals for meeting all service needs
  • Activities to ensure member participation
  • Work with individual and others to develop goals

Service and Support Coordination

  • Coordination of the services being provided in the Service Plan to ensure continuity of service provision
  • Help individuals obtain needed services and activities and link them to the appropriate provider

Activity TCM activity that is being performed

  • Multiple related activities or activities performed within a single day should be entered into a single log note
  • Must be a billable activity
  • Type of contact can be Direct or Indirect, however, length of activity must be at least 7.5 minutes in order to bill one unit. Voice mails left or received, or emails sent and received are not an acceptable way to bill for one unit.

In order to meet federal regulations related to billing of TCM services, providers who bill TCM services shall have the "EI Fundamentals & Education/Experience" box in the Early Intervention Data System. Providers who bill without this box checked will be referred to HCPF Program Integrity.

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Non-Reimbursable Targeted Case Management Services

Activities that may be a service coordination responsibility but are not reimbursed as TCM services are those activities either paid through the "Early Intervention Contract", personnel costs, indirect costs, or a service to be paid by third party or activities that are built into the rate structure for TCM services. The list below is not exhaustive:

  • Intake and initial eligibility determination for the EI Colorado Program
  • Preparation for and participation in the dispute resolution processes in accordance with Federal Part C Regulations of the IDEA (34 C.F.R. Part 303) procedural safeguards
  • Assessment costs for determining the individual's need for a physical or psychological examination or evaluation
  • Payment for the costs of the administration of other services or programs to which a recipient is referred (e.g. educational services), general administrative programs of the Health First Colorado program
  • The provision of any medical treatment or service
  • Service coordination staff meetings not related to individual child and family reviews
  • Completing time sheets or billing documents, billing Health First Colorado for services which are included in the cost of doing normal business
  • Discharge planning from an institution or hospital
  • Administrative activities such as eligibility determination, screening, intake outreach and utilization review
  • Care coordination or case management activities covered by Health First Colorado in the ACC and Healthy Communities programs
  • Formal policy advocacy and developing new provider resources
  • Service coordination training and personnel development
  • Prior authorization of services
  • Services which are provided by a staff person who has not completed the appropriate training to meet the requirements for the EI Fundamentals &Education/Experience box to be checked in the Early Intervention Data System
  • Recreational events provided by the Broker when no service coordination activity is provided
  • Fund raising activities for the Broker
  • Voice mail messages (should be combined together with other approved activities to form one note)
  • Multiple case managers or supervisors in a single meeting, only one person can bill for the meeting
  • Supervisors cannot bill for TCM time, only a service coordinator can bill for TCM services

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Other Health First Colorado Covered Services

Other services which can be billed to Health First Colorado include, but are not limited to:

  • Occupational Therapies
  • Physical Therapies
  • Speech Therapies
  • Assistive Technology
  • Audiology or hearing services
  • Developmental Screenings, including but not limited to: the M-CHAT and Ages and Stages

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Natural Environments

Part C of IDEA requires "to the maximum extent appropriate to the needs of the child, early intervention services must be provided in natural environments, including the home and community settings in which children without disabilities participate." (34 CFR § 303.12(b))

By definition, natural environments mean "settings that are natural or normal for the child's age peers who have no disabilities." (34 CFR § 303.18)

The exception to the rule reads "the provision of early intervention services for any infant or toddler with a disability occurs in a setting other than a natural environment that is most appropriate, as determined by the parent and the individualized family service plan team, only when early intervention cannot be achieved satisfactorily for the infant or toddler in a natural environment."

The provision of early intervention services taking place in natural environments is not just a guiding principle or suggestion, it is a legal requirement.

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Early Intervention Procedure Code Table

Providers may bill procedure codes for Early Intervention Services as follows:

It is important to remember that State General Funds and Federal Part C Funds can be used for the reimbursement of provider travel time when billing Health First Colorado. Generally, providers' travel time is included in their negotiated hourly rate, however, in situations where providers are being asked to travel significant distances the Community Centered Board may decide to reimburse this cost to providers. This would be considered a related cost aligned with the service.


Early Intervention (Special Code 87)
Description Proc Code Modifier(s) Notes
Any Health First Colorado service provided to a child enrolled in Early Intervention all TL All services should be billed with the addition of the TL modifier. This is for identification purposes only.
IFSP should be submitted along with any PAR request filed for services.

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 Procedure Code Table

Targeted Case Management - Early Intervention (Special Code 87)
Description Proc Code Modifier(s) Unit Designation
Targeted Case Management - Early Intervention Services T1017 TL 15 Minutes - the use of the modifier here is required and is not solely for identification purposes.
Intensive, extended multidisciplinary services provided to children with complex medical, physical, medical and psychosocial impairments, per hour.  Can be used for EI assessments only.  Place of Service 12 is allowable for EI only.   T1026 TL Per hour - the use of the modifier here is required and is not solely for identification purposes.  

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Early Intervention Paper Claim Reference Table

The following paper form reference table describes required fields for the paper CMS 1500 claim form for Early Intervention claims:

CMS Field Number & Label Field is? Instructions
1. Insurance Type Required Place an "X" in the box marked as Medicaid.
1a. Insured's ID Number Required Enter the member's Health First Colorado seven-digit Medicaid ID number as it appears on the Medicaid Identification card. Example: A123456.
2. Patient's Name Required Enter the member's last name, first name, and middle initial.
3. Patient's Date of Birth/Sex Required Enter the member's birth date using two digits for the month, two digits for the date, and two digits for the year. Example: 070114 for July 1, 2014.

Place an "X" in the appropriate box to indicate the sex of the member.
4. Insured's Name Not Required  
5. Patient's Address Not Required  
6. Client Relationship to Insured Conditional Complete if the member is covered by a commercial health care insurance policy.
7. Insured's Address Not Required  
8. Reserved for NUCC Use Not Required  
9. Other Insured's Name Not Required  
9a. Other Insured's Policy or Group Number Not Required  
9b. Reserved for NUCC Use    
9c. Reserved for NUCC Use    
9d. Insurance Plan or Program Name Not Required  
10a-c. Is patient's condition related to? Conditional When appropriate, place an "X" in the correct box to indicate whether one or more of the services described in field 24 are for a condition or injury that occurred on the job, as a result of an auto accident or other.
10d. Reserved for Local Use    
11. Insured's Policy, Group or FECA Number Not Required  
11a. Insured's Date of Birth, Sex Not Required  
11b. Other Claim ID Not Required  
11c. Insurance Plan Name or Program Name Not Required  
11d. Is there another Health Benefit Plan? Not Required  
12. Patient's or Authorized Person's signature Required Enter "Signature on File", "SOF", or legal signature. If there is no signature on file, leave blank or enter "No Signature on File".

Enter the date the claim form was signed.
13. Insured's or Authorized Person's Signature Not Required  
14. Date of Current Illness Injury or Pregnancy Not Required  
15. Other Date Not Required  
16. Date Patient Unable to Work in Current Occupation Not Required  
17. Name of Referring Physician Conditional  
18. Hospitalization Dates Related to Current Service Not Required  
19. Additional Claim Information Conditional  
20. Outside Lab?
$ Charges
Not Required  
21. Diagnosis or Nature of Illness or Injury Required Enter at least one but no more than twelve diagnosis codes based on the member's diagnosis/condition.

Enter applicable ICD-10 indicator.
22. Medicaid Resubmission Code Conditional List the original reference number for resubmitted claims.

When resubmitting a claim, enter the appropriate bill frequency code in the left- hand side of the field.
7 - Replacement of prior claim
8 - Void/Cancel of prior claim
This field is not intended for use for original claim submissions.
23. Prior Authorization Conditional Enter the six-character prior authorization number from the approved Prior Authorization Request (PAR). Do not combine services from more than one approved PAR on a single claim form. Do not attach a copy of the approved PAR unless advised to do so by the authorizing agent or the fiscal agent.
Complete when the service requires prior authorization.
24. Claim Line Detail Information The paper claim form allows entry of up to six detailed billing lines. Fields 24A through 24J apply to each billed line.

Do not enter more than six lines of information on the paper claim. If more than six lines of information are entered, the additional lines will not be entered for processing.

Each claim form must be fully completed (totaled).

Do not file continuation claims (e.g., Page 1 of 2).
24A. Dates of Service Required The field accommodates the entry of two dates: a "From" date of services and a "To" date of service. Enter the date of service using two digits for the month, two digits for the date and two digits for the year. Example: 010116 for January 1, 2016.
From To
01 01 19      
From To
01 01 19 01 01 19
Span dates of service
From To
01 01 19 01 31 19
Practitioner claims must be consecutive days.
Single Date of Service: Enter the six digit date of service in the "From" field. Completion of the "To field is not required. Do not spread the date entry across the two fields.

Span billing: permissible if the same service (same procedure code) is provided on consecutive dates.

Supplemental Qualifier
To enter supplemental information, begin at 24A by entering the qualifier and then the information.
ZZ - Narrative description of unspecified code
VP - Vendor Product Number
OZ - Product Number
CTR - Contract Rate
JP - Universal/National Tooth Designation
JO - Dentistry Designation System for Tooth & Areas of Oral Cavity
24B. Place of Service Required Enter the Place of Service (POS) code that describes the location where services were rendered. Health First Colorado accepts the CMS place of service codes.
12 Home
24C. EMG Not Required  
24D. Procedures, Services, or Supplies Required Enter the HCPCS procedure code that specifically describes the service for which payment is requested.

All procedures must be identified with codes in the current edition of Physicians Current Procedural Terminology (CPT). CPT is updated annually.

HCPCS Level II Codes
The current Medicare coding publication (for Medicare crossover claims only).

Only approved codes from the current CPT or HCPCS publications will be accepted.
24D. Modifier Conditional Enter the appropriate procedure-related modifier that applies to the billed service. Up to four modifiers may be entered when using the paper claim form.
TL required on all Early Intervention requests
24E. Diagnosis Pointer Required Enter the diagnosis code reference letter (A-L) that relates the date of service and the procedures performed to the primary diagnosis.

At least one diagnosis code reference letter must be entered.

When multiple services are performed, the primary reference letter for each service should be listed first, other applicable services should follow.

This field allows for the entry of 4 characters in the unshaded area.
24F. $ Charges Required Enter the usual and customary charge for the service represented by the procedure code on the detail line. Do not use commas when reporting dollar amounts. Enter 00 in the cents area if the amount is a whole number.

Some CPT procedure codes are grouped with other related CPT procedure codes. When more than one procedure from the same group is billed, special multiple pricing rules apply.

The base procedure is the procedure with the highest allowable amount. The base code is used to determine the allowable amounts for additional CPT surgical procedures when more than one procedure from the same grouping is performed.

Submitted charges cannot be more than charges made to non-Health First Colorado-covered individuals for the same service.

Do not deduct Health First Colorado co-pay or commercial insurance payments from the usual and customary charges.
24G. Days or Units Required Enter the number of services provided for each procedure code.

Enter whole numbers only- do not enter fractions or decimals.
24H. EPSDT/Family Plan Conditional EPSDT (shaded area)
For Early & Periodic Screening, Diagnosis, and Treatment-related services, enter the response in the shaded portion of the field as follows:
AV Available- Not Used
S2 Under Treatment
ST New Service Requested NU Not Used
Family Planning (unshaded area)
Not Required
24I. ID Qualifier Not Required  
24J. Rendering Provider ID # Required In the shaded portion of the field, enter the NPI of the Health First Colorado provider number assigned to the individual who actually performed or rendered the billed service. This number cannot be assigned to a group or clinic.
25. Federal Tax ID Number Not Required  
26. Patient's Account Number Optional Enter information that identifies the member or claim in the provider's billing system. Submitted information appears on the Remittance Advice (RA).
27. Accept Assignment? Required The accept assignment indicates that the provider agrees to accept assignment under the terms of the payer's program.
28. Total Charge Required Enter the sum of all charges listed in field 24F. Do not use commas when reporting dollar amounts. Enter 00 in the cents area if the amount is a whole number.
29. Amount Paid Not Required  
30. Rsvd for NUCC Use    
31. Signature of Physician or Supplier Including Degrees or Credentials Required Each claim must bear the signature of the enrolled provider or the signature of a registered authorized agent.

Each claim must have the date the enrolled provider or registered authorized agent signed the claim form. Enter the date the claim was signed using two digits for the month, two digits for the date and two digits for the year. Example: 070116 for July 1, 2016.
32. Service Facility Location Information
32a- NPI Number
32b- Other ID #
Required Enter the name, address and ZIP code of the individual or business where the member was seen or service was performed in the following format:
1st Line Name
2nd Line Address
3rd Line City, State and ZIP Code
If the Provider Type is not able to obtain an NPI, enter the eight-digit Health First Colorado provider number of the individual or organization.
33. Billing Provider
Info & Ph #
Required Enter the name of the individual or organization that will receive payment for the billed services in the following format:
1st Line Name
2nd Line Address
3rd Line City, State and ZIP Code
33a- NPI Number Required  
33b- Other ID #   If the Provider Type is not able to obtain an NPI, enter the eight-digit Health First Colorado provider number of the individual or organization.

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Early Intervention Claim Example

Early Intervention Claim Example

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Timely Filing

For more information on timely filing policy, including the resubmission rules for denied claims, refer to the General Provider Information Manual located on the Billing Manuals web page under the General Provider Information drop-down menu.

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Early Intervention Specialty Manuals Revisions Log

Revision Date Section/Action Made by
10/3/2016 Manual revised for interChange implementation. For manual revisions prior to 10/3/2016 Please refer to Archive. HPE (now DXC)
1/19/2017 Updates based on Colorado iC Stage Provider Billing Manual Comment Log v0_4.xlsx HPE (now DXC)
1/26/2017 Updates based on Department 1/20/2017 approval email HPE (now DXC)
5/22/2017 Updates based on Fiscal Agent name change from HPE to DXC DXC
6/15/2018 Updated timely filing information and removed references to LBOD, removed general billing information already available in the General Provider Information manual DXC
12/20/2018 Clarification to signature requirements HCPF
2/26/2020 Converted to web page HCPF
3/1/2020 Clarification to the use of EI Colorado database for Training, Education and Experience box HCPF
9/10/2020 Added Line to Box 32 under the CMS 1500 Paper Claim Reference Table HCPF
10/23/2020 Replaced "database" with "Early Intervention Data System" HCPF
5/30/2022 Added change to age restriction, added new billing code HCPF
7/6/2022 Removed words "Targeted Case Management" from procedure code table HCPF
11/18/2022 Added *some children remain in early intervention until Preschool Special Education services begin to page 1 HCPF
12/22/2022 Added FAQs section HCPF