Case Management Redesign Timeline

How To Use This Interactive Timeline

To get started: Click on the blue box to start navigating the timeline or the yellow box to be taken right to the end goal 

Image of the timeline start button
Timeline box to click on to navigate to end goal

To zoom in on a date range: Click the yellow bar above the date tiles to see that part of the calendar in a larger view

Image showing a date portion of the timeline with a box to click to zoom in



To move forward or backward in the timeline: Click a yellow arrow indicating the direction you would like to go

Yellow arrow showing how to navigate back in the timeline
Yellow arrow showing how to navigate forward in the timeline

 To read more about a category of events (row): Click the row title (far left column) you are interested in to be taken to a short description

Pink box showing the category of activities in the timeline




To understand who is responsible for each box/activity: For each box/activity the responsible party is listed in brackets like this: [Responsible Party

Green box showing responsible party for activity in timeline

Acronym Key

  • CMA = Case Management Agency
  • CMS = Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services
  • Dept. = Department = Department of Health Care Policy & Financing
  • eClearance = Electronic Clearance (State internal document review and approval process)
  • HCPF = Department of Health Care Policy & Financing
  • MSB = Medical Services Board
  • RFP = Request for Proposals (State contracting process)
  • SPA = State Plan Amendment

 Open the timeline in a new browser tab to view it on a mobile device
View a text-only version of the timeline that is better for printing or for use with screen readers