Provider Web Portal Quick Guide - Billing from the Correct Account

Last updated: 08/21/2020

In the Provider Web Portal, claims will deny if not logged into the correct account to submit claims appropriately.

For example: If enrolled as a Nursing Facility and a Home and Community-Based Services(HCBS) provider, providers will have two (2) provider IDs, and should have two (2) Provider Web Portal accounts. Even a delegate, with claims access, needs to use the "switch provider" feature to select the correct account to bill under.

Nursing facility claims need to be billed from the nursing facility account, and HCBS Respite claims need to be billed from the HCBS account. Otherwise, claims will be denied.

Follow the instructions below to see which account is logged in. There are also instructions for changing the display name, to make it easier to identify which account is logged in going forward.

  1. Login to Provider Web Portal as the Provider (Not as a Delegate).

    The blue bar at the top of the page will show basic information but does not show provider type or address.

    screen shot of home page with descriptions

  2. Don't see the Provider Maintenance link?
    Being able to register for the Web Portal is NOT an indicator that the correct Provider ID is being used.

    If not logged in as a delegate, and the Manage Accounts and Provider Maintenance links are missing, then the account was registered using the wrong Provider ID, or registered using the NPI and the Web Portal linked to the wrong account.

    How to fix it:
    All that is needed to do is register for a new Provider Web Portal account, using the correct Provider ID (not the NPI). Don't know the correct Provider ID? Call 1-844-235- 2387.

    Nothing else needs to be done with the incorrect Provider Web Portal account, just stop using it.

    difference between registration with correct versus incorrect ID

    Another indicator that the wrong ID is being used is in My Profile → Roles.

    "Provider Restricted" means the account registered using the wrong ID, or that this provider isn't enrolled.

    My Profile - Roles

  3. Click Provider Maintenance to see what provider type and location is currently logged in.
    Click Provider Maintenance again.
    provider maintenance - finding provider type and location
  4. Click Specialty and Contact Information Changes
    Specialty and contact information changes screenshot
  5. Write down the Provider Type for this account

    The Provider Type in this example is a "Hospital - General". When logged into this account, only submit claims for this provider type.

    provider type screenshot

  6. Click address changes to see the service location for this account

    Write down the address for this account.

    service location screenshot

  7. Now having the Provider Type and location for this account, consider changing the display name to reflect that.

    Click "Home" to go back to the Provider Web Portal home page.

    link to Home

  8. Click "My Profile"
    My Profile link location
  9. Click Edit, under Contact Information
    edit button in contact information
  10. Change the Display Name to reflect the provider type and service location for this account. Do not use spaces. Click save.
    display name
  11. Click Confirm.
    confirm button

    Click OK on the confirmation message
    confirmation message

  12. Now when logging into the Provider Web Portal, easily identify which account is logged in, and which types of claims should be billed (in this account).
    home screen
  13. When delegates log in, they will also be able to easily identify which Provider Type and location they are submitting claims under.
    switch provider screen
  14. Repeat this process for the rest of the Provider IDs.

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