ARPA Stakeholder Spotlight - May 2022

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Name: Julian Wang
Title: Peer Advocate
Project: 5.01. - Case Management Capacity Building
Project Background:
As a part of the Case Management Capacity Building project, the Department has created a series of Culture Change webinar panels that are focused on highlighting and hearing from members about their experiences with case management services. The three-part series highlights members with disabilities, older adult members, and finally a special conversation on balancing equity and the unique needs of members.

Tell us a little bit about yourself and how you are involved in the Case Management Redesign project.

I am a Peer Advocate with the ARC of Larimer County and was asked to be on an ARPA webinar panel. I got to present on the panel as a person with a disability. 
What in your opinion is the definition of great LTSS Case Management? 

When people are heard and when people are getting what they need in a timely fashion but also people who support you in all areas of life, including your professional life. They see what is in the community and connect people with those things. They are good at their job and can guide you through all the things you need. 
What are you most excited about related to the future of LTSS Case Management?

People knowing where they can go and what they can get. It will be more clear. The potential for more services for people. I hope that this helps people who are waiting on services get extra care. 
What are the biggest challenges you see with the Case Management Redesign project?

I think the biggest challenge for parents of people with disabilities is the educational process for where to go, what the processes are, where to get services, and where is the Provider Approved Service Agency (PASA). A lot of the case managers don't have the years of experience to do all of the tasks they are required to do and rely on the ARC to help with things like paperwork. 
How was your experience on the panel for the webinar?

It was so great! I was so glad to see people with disabilities on the panel telling about their lives. That doesn't always happen in government so I was glad to see it. 


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