Individual Residential Services and Supports Inspections Program

The Individual Residential Services and Supports (IRSS) Inspections Program is being managed by the Department of Local Affairs’ Division of Housing (DOH), under an interagency agreement between DOH and the Department Health Care Policy and Financing (HCPF).  Under this program DOH will be conducting regular inspections of any IRSS setting that meets the criteria described below.  

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What is IRSS?

Individual Residential Services and Supports (IRSS) use a variety of living arrangements to meet the unique needs for support, guidance and habilitation of each participant. Participants may live in a home owned or leased by the agency, a Host Home, or their own home. View the full Code of Colorado Regulations Rule 8.609.7.B.1 (beginning on page 65) which establishes this program.

Criteria for Inspections

Any settings that meet the following criteria need to be inspected under this program:

  1. Host Homes – All host homes are required to be inspected under this program - A Host Home (HH) is a private residence in which a waiver member resides with the HH provider (HHP) and receives services. The HHP must reside in the house.  
  2. PASA Owned or Leased (POL) – Any setting that the PASA, any of its subsidiaries, or any of its employees, own in which services are being provided and the service provider lives in the setting.  This includes settings that the PASA/subsidiary/employee is included on the lease (lessee, co-signer, guarantor, etc.).  If the person in services is the only party named on the lease, and the setting is not owned by the PASA/subsidiary/employee, then the setting does not need to be inspected.
  3. Personal Care Alternative (PCA) – A setting owned and operated by the PASA with rotating staff that do not live in the setting where services are being provided. 

Note - Family Caregiver Homes do not need to be inspected in this program unless they fall under one of the above categories.

IRSS Inspections Portal

IRSS Inspections Program Portal - All Program Approved Services Agencies (PASAs) providing eligible IRSS services must access this portal.

If your PASA is newly formed, or has just started providing IRSS services, email irss.residential.inspections@state.co.us to have your account setup.  

Instructions on how to use the portal:

All PASAs enrolled to provide IRSS must submit an email quarterly to irss.residential.inspections@state.co.us, between the 1st and 15th of January, April, July, and October, to confirm: 

  • They are not providing IRSS to members at this time, OR 
  • None of their settings are subject to inspection, OR
  • They have reviewed their settings in the portal and all information is up to date.  



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