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Coordination of Benefits (COB) Manager

  • COB Manager implemented April 2013
  • The tool will ensure that commercial coverage pays first when a Medicaid client also has commercial pharmacy coverage.
  • HMS, a vendor of the Department, will receive pharmacy claims on a daily basis and will search its eligibility database to see if there is other coverage.
    • If there is other coverage, HMS will submit the claim to the commercial PBM as if the claim came from the pharmacy.
    • If the claim is successfully adjudicated, an adjustment is sent to the Department in the form of a "re-bill" claim showing the amount paid by the commercial PBM.
  • Providers can search for activity or download transactions affected by COB Manager through a secured HMS web portal "eCenter."
  • You may contact HMS for access or for information regarding eCenter by calling 855-438-6420.
    • HMS staff will provide you the necessary information to log into the eCenter Web portal.
    • Please see the links below for further information regarding COB Manager.
    • HMS secured web portal:
    • HMS Provider Relations: 855-438-6420