Performance Improvement Team

Our mission is to provide support for Eligibility Sites by identifying efficient ways to determine Medical Assistance (MA) eligibility through continuous improvement methods.

The Performance Improvement Team (PIT) is composed of three primary sections: Continuous Improvement, Compliance, and the MA Eligibility Inbox. Continuous Improvement is a support for Eligibility Sites in performance measurement, performance and process improvement, and overall problem solving. Compliance focuses on supporting Eligibility Sites by identifying gaps in federal and state guidance and setting them up for rectifying those gaps through the Management Evaluation program. The MA Eligibility Inbox supports our internal and external customers in finding answers to their questions around MA Eligibility. Each of these sections is supported by an internal data analyst for performance data collection and visualization.

For more information on each of these PIT sections, please visit their pages at the links below:

Cont Imp v3

Continuous Improvement



MA Inbox

MA Eligibility Inbox

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PIT Staff

Continuous Improvement

Medical Assistance
Performance (MAP) Dashboards

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For questions or assistance with Continuous Improvement or Compliance, please contact hcpf_performance.improvement@state.co.us

For questions regarding MA Eligibility, please contact hcpf_medicaid.eligibility@state.co.us

For questions regarding Management Evaluations, please contact hcpf_mereview@state.co.us