Inpatient Hospital Per Diem Reimbursement Group


As of July 1, 2019, Specialty Hospitals (Long Term Acute Care, Rehabilitation, Spine/Brain Injury) have transitioned from APR-DRG to Per Diem Reimbursement Methodology.

The goal was to create an equal reimbursement methodology across each classification creating equal opportunity to accept patients.

It is also easier to calculate a payment expectancy versus APR-DRG methodology that requires grouping, severity of illness, average length of stay, TrimPoint and Outlier payment.


Specialty Hospital Base Rates and Stepdowns

Tables that reflect hospital base rate adjustments and step downs for the past three fiscal years are available below.





Psychiatric Hospital Per Diem Rates


For information regarding past meetings please contact  Della Phan at della.phan@state.co.us

For questions regarding rates and their calculations please contact Della Phan at della.phan@state.co.us


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