Footnote and Legislative Requests for Information Reports

Footnotes are a part of each fiscal year's Long Appropriations Bill (Long Bill). Footnotes consist of General Assembly direction on how to spend specific portions of appropriations, assumptions on appropriation calculations, and requests for information from the Joint Budget Committee (JBC).

One of the results of HB 08-1321, "Long Bill Headnote Definitions," was removing legislative requests for information from the Long Bill footnotes. The General Assembly requests information in Appendix A of the Long Bill Narrative for FY 2008-09 and later fiscal years.

Pursuant to Section 24-1-136 (9), C.R.S., Colorado state departments and agencies submit all reports required by statute to the Legislative Council Staff. The Legislative Council Staff delivers these reports to the appropriate legislative recipients and makes them available on their website. The Colorado Legislative Council is the nonpartisan research staff for the Colorado General Assembly. Requests for Information and other statutorily required reports to the General Assembly can be found at the Colorado Legislative Council site.

Below are links to footnotes and legislative requests for information with the corresponding reports sent to the JBC. If a footnote did not require a report, it is not included in these lists.