eConsult Platform

The Colorado Department of Health Care Policy and Financing (HCPF) has successfully launched its statewide Medicaid electronic consultation platform. The platform promotes HCPF’s mission to improve healthcare equity, access and outcomes for the people we serve. 

The eConsult platform allows participating providers to communicate electronically with specialty providers. This allows participating providers to work together to decide the best treatment options for Members in a way that is convenient, ensuring a Member-centered approach to care. 

The Colorado Medicaid eConsult platform has been fully operational since February 1, 2024. Participating providers can access the platform through ColoradoMedicaideConsult.com.

If you are interested in enrolling, please reach out to HCPF’s designated eConsult Vendor, Safety Net Connect (SNC), at Coloradosupport@safetynetconnect.com. Upon initial contact, SNC will provide the necessary enrollment paperwork and instructions to initiate the onboarding process.  

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eConsult Platform Overview

What is the eConsult Platform?
The eConsult platform is a web-based and application-based electronic system that allows for an asynchronous (store and forward) exchange between Primary Care Providers (PCPs) and specialty providers to share health information and to discuss patient care in a secure environment.

Electronic consultations between PCPs and specialty providers, or eConsults, are a way to coordinate referrals, when appropriate. In these instances, referrals will be made to specialty providers who are proven to improve quality outcomes, add value, and reduce costs specific to the specialty care required.

How can I find more information about the eConsult Platform?
Stay tuned for updates on our webpage. Questions can also be directed to: hcpf_econsult@state.co.us


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HCPF eConsult Inbox: hcpf_econsult@state.co.us