Colorado Hospital Discounted Care

​​Hospital Discounted Care was created by ​​House Bill (HB) 21-1198​. Patients who are at or below 250% of the Federal Poverty Guidelines (FPG) are eligible for Hospital Discounted Care. It limits the amounts that low-income patients can be billed for health care services at hospitals and emergency rooms, It also limits amounts billed from providers who work at hospitals and emergency rooms. Hospitals must give patients the chance to apply for discounted care when they have services at the hospital. If the patient qualifies, their billed amounts will be the limited to the rates set by the Department of Health Care Policy and Financing (Department). Payment plans for patients who qualify cannot be more than four (4) % of the patient's gross monthly income for bills from the hospital. Payment plans for each provider that bills separately from the hospital cannot be more than two (2) % of the patient's gross monthly household income. Payment plans cannot be longer than 36 months of payments. Once 36 payments have been made, the bill is considered paid in full.

Examples of HDC Approximate Income Limits

Family SizeApproximate Annual IncomeApproximate Monthly Income
1up to $37,450up to $3,137
2up to $51,100up to $4,258
3up to $64,550up to $5,379
4up to $78,000up to $6,500
5up to $91,450up to $7,620
6up to $104,900up to $8,741
7up to $118,350up to $9,862
8up to $131,800up to $10,983

Patients' Rights

Per HB 21-1198, the Department developed a Patient's Rights form using feedback from numerous stakeholders. The form is provided below in both English and Spanish. 

Effective September 1, 2022, Health Care Facilities must have this Patient's Rights form available to the public and to each patient or each patient's legal guardian. This includes: 

  • Posting the Spanish and English Patient's Rights form conspicuously on the Health Care Facilities website, including a link to the information on the Health Care Facilities main landing page;
  • Make the form available in the patient waiting areas;
  • Make the information available to each patient or the patient's legal guardian, verbally, which may include using a professional interpretation service, or in writing in the patient's or legal guardian's preferred language before the patient is discharged from the Health Care Facility; and
  • Inform each patient or the patient's legal guardian on the billing statement of the patient's rights. Including the right to apply for discounted care, and provide the website, email address, and telephone number where the information may be obtained in the patient's preferred language.

If any patient or patient's guardian does not receive the Patient's Rights form either in hard copy or electronically, or does not receive it in any of the points listed above, the patient or the patient's guardian may file a complaint with the Department by contacting HCPF_HospDiscountCare@state.co.us.

What Services are Covered?

Emergent and elective services received in a Health Care Facility at all Colorado general acute and critical access hospitals and their off-campus locations, all freestanding emergency departments may be covered. Services provided by Licensed Health Care Professionals in these settings are also covered. Hospital Discounted Care screens patients for eligibility for public health coverage, the Colorado Indigent Care Program (CICP), and discounted health care. Uninsured patients will automatically be screened and can choose not to be screened, but must opt out of the screening. Insured patients may ask to be screened to see if they qualify.

Hospital Discounted Care Rates

Rates are effective as of September 28, 2023 and are updated annually on July 1. Contact us by email at the Hospital Discounted Care inbox HCPF_HospDiscountCare@state.co.us with any questions regarding these rates.

More Information about Hospital Discounted Care

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