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The Behavioral Health Independent Provider Network (IPN) Forum was created for behavioral health providers to engage with and partner collaboratively with the Department of Health Care Policy (the Department) and Financing and Regional Accountable Entities (RAEs). The Department recently published frequently asked questions and answers about key behavioral health initiatives and policies that may impact the IPN.

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Latest News

IPN, RAE, HCPF Collaboration Project Update: Action Teams and Task Force Continue Problem-Solving Process

The five action teams charged with developing feasible solutions to the challenges identified in Phase I of the IPN, RAE and Department Collaboration project have continued their work throughout February. These collaborating teams, which are being facilitated by Arrow Performance Group (APG), are focused on five key areas: credentialing and contracting, billing and coding, payment and reimbursement, service quality, and communications.

The teams, which consist of representatives from the IPNs, RAEs, BHA, and HCPF among other stakeholders, are working to articulate specific areas of needed improvement. This information is being shared with the task force. This task force, which also continues to meet regularly, is using the information provided by the action teams to develop recommendations aimed at addressing the challenges identified in Phase I. A report on these recommendations will be shared with all project stakeholders in June.


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